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  • Wow its been forever since I've been on here, but YES I do remember your sig. XD Sorry for the almost 5 month wait response. XD
    I don't know when, but at some point I need to know whether we are teaming again at BC plays melee, cause if not, one of my friends will team with me, and If you WANT to team with me, you are my first priority, so I would need to find him a partner. Just keep in mind you're my FIRST CHOICE.
    Yep. I'm basically all samus, but your seconds are good (i think)
    I think it sounds awesome, but we need it recorded =D
    Well, if we're double samus, we get johns, awesome points and its just plain fun =D
    I'll be the front samus
    YES im going to april tourney... we should do double samus team xD
    If you don't wanna, i got someone else to team so no worries
    heyz, i'll definitly be at may 15/16, but im still not sure bout april... I'll try to make it =p
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