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  • Hey I upload the vids of our fights so you can make your thread when ever you want now. since they where kind of short I just decided to upload them as Ike fights and Marth fights instead of 6 different videos. just search your name on youtube
    The race begin tonight at 9 PM EST. If you cannot make it, please let me know. If you are in, reserve your spot by sending a reply. Either Heartz of MAH's room will be open. Thank you (Generic message. Not personalized for anyone.)
    We are having another race tonight at 8 pm EST. Join my room at that time, ok?
    If you cannot show up, please let me know ok? Be on before hand so that we can get ready. Thanks.
    Great Mario Kart races! We need to team up one of these days, and we'll own the Mario Kart internetz xD *Was C. Falcon*
    The FN Race begins in 50 mins at 8 pm EST. Be sure to enter my room. If you can't make it, please let me know ok? These are the people who are suppose to be joining:

    Heartz (MOW/SWF)
    Dark Link (MOW)
    DevilWillCry (SWF)
    leechaolan (SWF)
    KrazyZeldaFan (MOW)
    Agent Snop (SWF)
    Cheesey Bro 96 (MOW/HW)
    Naos (MOW/SWF/HW)
    tmrt (SWF)
    TadaFoo (HW)
    Chase (MOW/HW)

    We have room for one more.
    I was going through some of the people's boards and I noticed you posted something along the lines "I believe Devil and Heartz may be close". I was just curious as to why you said it
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