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  • Hey Schizm, that split controller that you said was at jokers was Black on top and white on the bottom right? If so, do you mind taking it for now so that I can retreive it from you? Or..if some people are planning on going to SLAST, can you give it to an Iowan please sir?
    Silver wants to try doubles this time around, sorry! We can try it another time though.
    I honestly have no clue. Lemme ask him about doubles and see if he wants to or not and I can get back to ya tonight.
    theres a 2nd season? yaaay

    and oh yes I'll be there. Me and breezy are winning doubles!
    yeah. I'm like halfway through it. I actually stopped watching anime for awhile as i was watching that then when Icame back to it I forgot I was watching it and what it was until I saw your avi. Now I gotta finish it xD
    Yeah I recorded all of our pools matches. I havent had a chance to split them up and upload them. I've been busy with lots of things ><
    So, we teaming for NO KOAST? Also, how do I pronounce your name?
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