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    Iowa Smashers?

    Unfortunately you won't find much outside of the Facebook group since no one really uses the boards anymore. A few people just made fake Facebook accounts just to use for the group so that would likely be your best bet.
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    Omaha Weekly Smashfests

    Yooooo a wild Secks. has appeared?
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    Iowa Smashers?

    We have a pretty decently sized scene, especially if you live in Des Moines/Iowa City/Ames. None of us really use Smashboards anymore, you might wanna join the Iowa Smash Facebook group:
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    Any Iowa Smashers?

    No one in Iowa really uses Smashboards anymore, here's the Facebook group:
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    Any interest in a Samus skype group?

    Yo this sounds sick. Skype name is Schyzzm if this is still a thing.
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    Peach Skype Group

    Yoooo. Skype name is schyzzm.
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    Omaha Weekly Smashfests

    People are posting here again? :201w::201a::201t:
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    Eastern Iowa smashers?

    Most of the Iowa players don't use Smashboards much anymore, we have a Facebook group we use instead.
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    No. It's been like that forever. ^
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    Boss Rush at Pixels feat. Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M!!! Ames, IA

    You might wanna put Ames, IA in the thread title so locals can tell without going into the thread. :happysheep:
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    Melee Players at the university of Iowa?

    He's either referring to tournaments from forever ago or the couple Smashfests we've had in the last few months.
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    I don't think anyone here is going to the Melee tourney since I'm probably the only one interested but I'll probably go to the Brawl tourney on the 31st(to lose horribly) if BPow/others decide to go. Yeah this thread used to be like top five or something for most posts on the entire forum but...
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    Damn. Sorry we didn't get any games in :facepalm:
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    I'm up for games whenever as well. We also have at least 4 or so other people who play. I'd be up for creeping that St. Louis tournament but it doesn't look like any other people are going so I wouldn't have a ride. :ohwell:
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