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Samus: The Missile Maniac

I honestly should have added aerials way earlier, but did not realize they were not there until just now, so I will now go through each one and explain their uses and attributes.

Up-Air: This is a multi hit move, so percentage can vary from 3-10% damage wise. This move has little knock-back until the last hit which has a bit more, but no kill potential and is situational when doing a combo or trying to keep and opponent in the air. It can also go through platforms, so use if it you want to hurt your opponent who is camping on a platform from long range. Overall, sort of decent and it is useful if you want to put pressure on your opponent in the air with multiple hits.

Back-Air: This is a really good move with good knock-back and damage(14% sweetspot and 10% sourspot). This move only has kill potential if you hit the oppenent with the sweetspot. The sweetspot is basically around the tip of the foot and only lasts for a couple frames before becoming the less powerful sourspot. However, this move is quick and can also reach pretty far despite looking short ranged. This move is good if you want to finish off your opponent while he is in the air stunned by something and can also be good for edgeguarding if used with proper timing. This move is pretty solid and can really help get that last, killing move that even good DI won't save.

Foward-Air: Like Up-Air, this move has multiple hits, so it can vary with percentages. The move is designed to keep the opponent in chain of blasts, but it really does not work like that at least not all the time. Most people are able to easily DI out of the move quickly and if you do not L-cancel, the landing lag will definitely leave you open. It is good on fast fallers at high percents since it can knock them into the air a bit with the last hit being the one that has the most knockback. It is also useful for approaching from ledge since it has multiple hit boxes that can put on pressure to help you recover safely and get back on the stage. However, this move can be shielded easily and could result in being grabbed out of shield (Oos). Use this move conservatively as it can not always be safe.

Neutral Air: This move is definitely the most versatile out of all Samus's aerials. Since this move is a sex kick, it stays out for a while and keeps the hitboxes active which force people to stay away and avoid getting hit. This move also has the most prority out of most of Samus's moves and can basically act as a wall when edgeguarding Fox or Falco. It also comes out quickly and has pretty good knockback and damage. This is pretty much going to be the aerial you use the most being that it can be used in a lot of different situations for various reasons. Just remember to L-Cancel or you will have to deal with landing lag that can potentially be what kills you during a match.

Down-Air: Probably Samus's most powerful aerial move. It deals a lot of knockback and damage, comes out pretty quickly and is good for a lot of different situations. However, this move's biggest flaw is that it Meteors down and not spikes which means that people who know anything about Meteor cancelling will automatically be able to recover right after being hit. For those who don't know, you can stop your momentum after being hit by certain moves like Samus's dair or Mario's fair after 8 frames.This really makes the move unreliable for killing since it can be cancelled so easily if it is not avoided. The hitboxes don't really last that long either, but this move can still be used regardless and should be. In general, this move is powerful, but should be used conservatively due to it being powered down as a meteor.
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