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Project M Captain Falcon Guide

First release
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4.40 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great guide for beginning falcons! You really went through the fundamentals that can help alot of people understand falcon. The only problem I have with this tutorial is that it is not Project M 3.5, so people may discredit it as something outdated (even though most of the combos and things you talked about will still work mostly).
Great video! Unlike the other guy who rated you 1 star, these "basic things" are actually the key to make advanced combos!
Thanks Man glad you liked it, yeah basic fundamentals are very very important!
Really useful guide. I'm half putting this up there because of keekslap, but still, very well done.
Great Guide
Thanks a lot, just ignore leekslap, hes clearly a little kid who has nothing better to say. If he was mature he would rate is low and leave it not insult other players or *NOOBS* as he calls them.
Again Good Work!
Really solid for beginners like myself. Thanks for the guide man! It will definitely help me improve my game.
No problem man, good to know its helping some people. Apparently its also offending some others.
Or I should say ONE OTHER individual
Good guide to becoming competitive.
Thanks a lot
From a perspective of someone who is not very competitive such as my self, it was fine.
This is very misguided; wrong terms, it seems you completely forgot DI, just basic very poorly explained techs and a hint of Falcon. It's just waaaaaaay too basic! No gentleman? A lot of the "combos" you had would never work in actual play, and your combos were very short in some parts.
Hey, maybe you should actually read the quick description......
I clearly stated that its is my first guide and I wanted to make it more basic.

I have now uploaded a more advanced captain video.....
But after seeing the reply i got from you I think putting it on Smashboards may be a bad idea.

As far as combos not working..... I mainly discuss follow ups and uses for moves.... so I really don't know what your talking about.... the ending is just for fun.

Anyways criticize all you like I have shown many friends who aren't as competitive and they thought it was very helpful. That was the point....
Not every guide on smash boards has to be top level top advanced....
especially not in the same video.

Thanks for the useless feedback
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