Pikachu's Shocking Ways to Victory **WORKING PROGRESS

Pikachu's Shocking Ways to Victory **WORKING PROGRESS

Applicable Games
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U

Welcome to my Pikachu guide! In here, you will find out shocking ways to claim Pikachu's moves in a competitive style. Learn how to use moves that you wouldn't normally use in a way you thought you could. Main Pikachu by simply following my provided steps to success *^_^*

Up Special Move ( Up B )

Pikachu, In Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U has an incredible amount of speed and counter abilities. One technique I like to use is taking advantage of his Up Special Move (Up B) Controlling his Up B is a challenge, especially for ones who only use it for his recovery. Some moves are not just meant for one thing. Taking advantage of them and messing around with moves is fun, because you can most likely find a way to take them to the next level and use them in a different way.
I like to use Up B to counter and take little by little damage from my opponent. I also use this to move away quickly and confuse my opponent into which way I'm going. Using this Technique is the same way as you would use it as a recovery. Simply, when you're on the ground just use the circle pad (for 3DS) Up B then move the circle pad down. For straight across, use Up B pointing left or right. You can sometimes make it double if you move your thumb the right way.
Here are two videos of me showing Pikachu's Up B move. This is how I would like to call, a competitive strategy. Very useful and very easy once you know how to use it properly *^_^*

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