Pac-Man Guide.

Pac-Man Guide.

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Pac-Man is a very deep character. He has lots of spacing, approach, and mobility options. Due to all these options he is a very versatile character. Without further ado, let us start.


One of Pac-Man's spacing options is his down special, the fire hydrant. This fire hydrant will shoot out water pushing enemies a fair distance away from you. I recommend using this on a flat map.

Another spacing option he has is his side special, (This is also an approach option but we'll discuss this later.) What this does is it summons a path of pellets and then Pac-Man will eat that path. You can also manipulate this path with your left analog stick. You can use this combined with the fire hydrant to gain extra ground, (Almost a whole Omega stage.)

One of Pac-Man last spacing options is his neutral special. This will allow Pac-Man to shoot projectiles. He has different stages, the longer you wait and hold down the B button the stronger the projectile you will get.

Neutral Special explained:

CherryBounces twice and lands for a moment before disappearing.4%
StrawberryBounces three times and lands for a moment before disappearing.6%
OrangeTravels in a straight line for about roughly half the length of Final Destination's platform before disappearing. Knocks characters in a semi-spike angle.8%
AppleBounces across the floor four times in quick hops before disappearing.9%
MelonTravels slowly in a broad arc, and has considerable knockback.12%
GalaxianDoes a quick shuttle loop before continuing to fly off either straight ahead or in a 45 degree angle upward from the direction it was thrown. Inflicts the same amount of damage every time it connects.9%
BellTravels slowly in a high arc before suddenly stopping short and falling straight down, passing through opponents. Causes paralysis if it connects.8%
KeyTravels rapidly in a straight line and deals high damage and knockback.

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Side special is an insanely good approach option. It is fast and will damage your opponent. You can also follow up with a fire hydrant for space.

Back throw is an iffy and risky approach option. The only way you can make this safe is to first use a side special. After doing a Back Throw you can follow up with an up-special, it is also a very good mix-up. It allows for camping game too.

Fire Hydrant combined with F-Smash. This takes a lot of precision and timing. It is your best and worst approach options. If this hits, then you have a great time ahead of you. If it doesn't well... um.... you're screwed.


Side special is extremely good. You can almost get across a whole stage.

Fire Hydrant's water can push you really far.

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Decent description of each fruit, but some of the worst approach options I've ever read.
This is, like Courage_ said, just a move list. As a Pac main, Side B is probably the worst option you can do, besides just running up to the person and setting your controller down to grab a snack...
Honestly, it doesn't feel that detailed to be that good of a guide as of yet, to be completely honest.
Please put a little more dedication into this first. ^_^
idk why the Guide isn't finished, it isn't a guide, it's 1/5 of a move list.
Sorry, I really need to put more time into this. It's just that I need to spend more time with family due to me just moving back in, sorry!
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