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Metal Mario

Metal Mario

Let's talk about Metal Mario! Now before we get started, the only way to play as Metal Mario is with a Gameshark, Metal Mario can't be used in tournaments, so this is just for fun or amusement with friends on matches!
Stage's that are good for Metal Mario:
2.Mushroom Kingdom
3.Saffron City (I'll Explain why later)
Stages not preferred for Metal Mario:
1.Dream Land
2.Yoshi's Island
3.Planet Zebes (Acid will punish you horribly in here)
The main reason these stages are good and bad are because Metal Mario needs to stay on land, Like Hyrule, but you want to avoid giving your opponent an advantage because of the small size, Like Dream Land.
Some great things you should note about Metal Mario that you haven't known already:
1. He has an extended reach for ledge grabbing, this can be proved easily by going to Saffron (which is why it's on the list of good stages) In between buildings, when you face the ledge, try to jump back wards and kill your self, even if you are farthest from the ledge, you'll always grab it!
2. He has a weird glitch when he's in the air, when you try to fast fall, he'll slow down. This is good to get back down to the stage slowly, or to mess up your opponents predictions.
3. He has a great juggle game, knock an opponent into the air, Short hop to up aerial A to Z cancel, then repeat. This is the main combo I use for him.
Now lets talk about moves!
B~ Fire Ball: Great move to rack up damage from a distance, unlike Mario, don't use this when recovering! You'll fall to fast and die!
Down B~ Metal Drill (I like to call it that) Again, Unlike Mario, NEVER use this move to recover, instead, use this move on the ground, when the move is done, do your combo (one i showed you) or a head butt for an easy kill. This move is also great (in my opinion) when used high in the air, above opponents, because of your weight you'll fall down and catch them in the Drill.
Recovery: Don't give up! When you're knocked back far, don't just let your body fall, get back! Use your jumps immediately, and use your super jump punch! With Metal Mario's extended reach, you'll be surprised when you grab the ledge and make a come back!

Heavy Drop Kick: Feel like you can't space a top tier character? Even when you try your best? Or try to get that quick kill that was hard to get? No worry's, Jump, or short hop, and neutral Air to Z cancel (You don't have to Z cancel, but I prefer you do) with Metal Mario's High Resistance and weight, this move will come in handy!
Taunts (Optional): Sure your normal Taunt is great, but it takes time, a solution is to run back and forth! (Left, Right, Left, Right quickly! I think it's called wave Dance) Because of Metal Mario's steps making sound, this really makes you sound tougher and Meaner! Reminding the opponent that you are a Mid-Level Boss!!!
If you have any Tips you'd like to share, please post them here http://smashboards.com/threads/metal-mario-discussion-tips.348994/ If you wanna Vs. Metal Mario just message me and we could play on Smash FU! Have fun!
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