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Mario's Moveset

Mario's Moveset

This guide will introduce Mario's moves to get you to understand how strong Mario is in Super Smash Bros. Melee. We will begin with the ground moves, then move on to the aerials, and wrap it up with specials. Note that all smash attacks will be displayed as uncharged damages.

Ground Moves​

Jab: 3% first hit, 2% second hit, and 5% for the last hit for a total of 10%.
This move is quick and serves as nice move to get the opponent off of you.

Ftilt: 10%↗, 9%➡, 8%↘.
A simple roundhouse kick move. This move can be angled so that you can set an ideal placement for the hitbox.

Dtilt: 8% foot, 9% leg
A low sweep kick that sends opponents upwards for aerial follow ups.

Utilt: 8%
This move is a good way to set up juggling. It can combo into itself a couple of times on fast fallers.

Dash Attack: 9% (7% late)
This move is quite unsafe to throw out if it misses. The cooldown is a bit high. However, should you land this move, the opponent will be sent slightly behind and above you. So keep that in mind when you choose your next move.

Fsmash (➡): 18% sweetspot, 11% sourspot
The sweetspot is the flame that comes out of Mario's palm. Most of your KOs will come from this smash attack. This can be angled, by the way. The best time to angle it down is by the ledge to catch a ledge snap.

Dsmash: 16% front, 10% back
This move is great not only in free for alls when crowded, but it's great as a tech chase option and to catch opponents that land right in front of you. The first hitbox comes out in the front, then the back. It can cover rolls, too.

Usmash: 15%
The head butt. Mario's head is intangible during the move, so if you know your opponent will try to land with an aerial, Up Smash will ignore it.

Uthrow: 8%
This throw is a primary combo starter and sets up juggling opportunities.

Dthrow: 6%
This throw also sets up combos. It does less damage than Uthrow, but it does have its uses. Try connecting an Utilt after doing the throw.

Fthrow: 9%
Just a simple throw that gets the opponent off the stage. It can lead into a Dash Attack if the opponent misses the tech.

Bthrow: 12%
Mario's kill throw is this one. Strongest throw in terms of damage, too. It's best not to use it until the opponent is at death percent.


Nair: 12% (late 8%)
It's a fast aerial that is useful even in the edgeguarding department. Try using it after doing one of your vertical throws.

Bair: 11% (late 9%)
Another edgeguard move that you possibly connect twice consecutively. Therefore, it can combo itself, but it's all dependant on the opponent's DI, of course.

Uair: 11%
This is a great juggling move. It has KO potential when used on platform stages. The move is great to use after doing a ledge drop and doing an Up Air after doing the jump. The cooldown is minimal, so learn to love it.

Fair: 15%
This move is a meteor smash. It's best used after having jumped before going off stage. If you are not comfortable fishing for the meteor, then you might want to stick with Nair or Bair as edgeguard moves.

Dair: 16%~
This is a multihit move. So if you can connect with some of the moves right before landing, you can do whatever you want afterwards, even on shield.

Fireball: 6%
This Neutral B move is great as an approach option. It's not affected by gravity, so feel free to use it as a gimping tool.

Cape: 10% ground close, 8% ground far, 9% air close, 7% air far
This Side B move is multipurpose. It reflects projectiles for one. It stalls your momentum in the air for another. That actually makes it great for recovery. And the best part is that it turns opponents around without causing flinching. Cape is best used to edgeguard recoveries that are easy to telegraph, such as Dark Dive or Green Missile. It can be used on any recovery really. Broke someone's shield? Add a bit of damage with Cape, then charge up the smash attack for the KO.

Super Jump Punch: 14%
The Up B move that is the true recovery. Coins come out when it connects on opponents. The only time to use this on stage is to end combos.

Mario Tornado: 12% if all hits connect
The Down B move. This move is not all that bad. For one, mashing the B button makes you rise with the move, but the effect only occurs once before landing. It can trap multiple opponents in free for alls. In 1v1s, its use is limited. But it can work if you are really really close to your opponent.

And that is all you need to know about the tools Mario has in his kit. I will cover combos in another guide.
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AMAZING. I'm starting out with Mario and this guide is extremely helpful to get used it his stuff like the damage, when to use it and especially his combo tree. Funny thing is this is the ONLY guide for Melee Mario as of 2020 July.
Nice work
Really nice guide for starting out Mario mains. By the way, when Will you make the combos one?
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