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Is the aura yours?

Is the aura yours?

This is actually my first guide. So if I lack any information, please let me know.

Lucario is an aura Pokémon. At high percents his aura kicks in, meaning that most attacks do more damage and knockback. So being at KO percent yourself is actually a good thing, mostly because of the comeback mechanic. His smash attacks are slow, so those should be used when you read a move. Don't stale them; just wait until you reach high percent so that Lucario can unleash a stock removal on the opponent.

First I will start off with breaking down the moveset, beginning with the ground moves.

Jab is three parts. This move can be used right after landing. Use this move for a bit if you notice that none of your smash attacks got the KO.

Up tilt is great for juggling opponents at low percents. Lucario does a kick in a semi circle arc above him. Follow this up with a Nair or Uair for good results. It's best to hit behind Lucario with Up tilt.

Down tilt is the move you want to use if you're trying to go for a grab follow up. However, you can follow up with a forward tilt after the down tilt. That may be practical at the beginning of a match.

Forward tilt is a two hit move. Use this move for roll punishment.

Forward smash is the strongest smash of the others. The strongest part is the hit box farthest away from Lucario.

Up smash is the weakest smash, but can be useful when you try to do a jump cancelled up smash (out of shield, of course) from an Aura Sphere charge. This move has a weaker, lingering hitbox. The stronger hitbox is at the beginning.

Down smash is a powerful one to use, even when punishing a broken shield. Mainly used to cover rolls.

Now to cover the aerials.

Neutral air is quick, but has too much cool down after the hitbox unless you land.

Down air has KO potential at high aura. It can stall your landing and possibly help with recovery.

Forward air is like part 3 of Jab, but in the air. This move can combo into itself due to its low knockback.

Back air is laggy, but is one of your KO moves. This is the one to utilize when edge guarding.

Up air is your friend when you are at high percent. Get your opponent in the air and take the stock away with this move.

Now for the specials.

Neutral B: Aura Sphere
The trademark of Lucario. This move charges indefinitely. Its size gets bigger as Lucario has more percent on him. This move can simply be canceled by tapping left or right on the control stick, shielding, or grabbing. There is a hitbox even when charging it!

Side B: Force Palm
The move can help with spacing. The move has a grab hitbox at the beginning. At aura, this can KO when the opponent is grabbed. Force Palm has a chance to cause tripping!

Up B: Extreme Speed
The recovery move. It does not have a hitbox and travels at a set distance. The good thing about this move is that it can be curved mid flight. Don't be too predictable with it. All it takes is one Cape to mess up your recovery!

Down B: Double Team
"It's over!" says Lucario when activated. It is a counterattack move. When you have a read that someone is going to hit you, use this move. Lucario always appears FROM the direction he was facing. For example, if this move activates when Lucario is facing right, he will appear from the right, attacking to the left and facing left. The move can be reversed. The direction he appears FROM is determined by inputting left or right on the control stick before the counter is activated. This move can KO at high aura, which might make it really over for your opponent.

Now it's time to talk about jump cancelled up smash. If you have Tap Jump on, this will be easier to execute. Charge your aura sphere with the opponent behind Lucario in the charge hitbox. Now here is the tricky part that has to be done in an orderly fashion. Press shield, up on the control stick, then press attack. If Tap Jump is off, then it just means you have to press shield, jump, then up and attack. Mastering this technique is necessary if you're trying to become a good Lucario player, especially in Smash 4.

Some combos to note. These were tested on Fox on Final Destination without aura.

Low percents:

Dtilt> Force Palm
Dtilt> Ftilt
Utilt (keep going until opponent is high enough) > Nair
Uthrow> Utilt> Ftilt/Grab/Dtilt
Bthrow> Fully charged Aura Sphere
Dtilt/Frontal Utilt> Jab
Dtilt> Utilt> Grab

Mid percents:

Uthrow> Nair
Dtilt> Dash attack
Uthrow> Uair> Dair

So many potential combos! Experiment with Lucario in Training Mode and hone your skills. You'll see improvements in no time.
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Basically what SamtaxError said
Great job for your first guide! Well done explaining a lot, only thing is there's not enough details (%'s, Frames, etc.) but since it's your first guide, I don't blame you.
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