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how do i sureuken - A Ryu Basics Guide

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Smash Wii U
Since I hate how most people play Ryu, I needed to make an account here and teach the scrubs who can't even shoryuken newbies. I will be covering every single one of his special moves, and how to execute them with Street Fighter motions.
Keep in mind I will assume you are facing right during all of these. Simply Do them backwards for other directions.


Being the first move we will start with, it will be the most simple. Simply roll the control stick from down to right, and press A at the end. Another way to describe this motion is Down, Down Forward, Forward. Simple, yet effective. Hold the button for a faster hadoken, and just tap for a slower one.

Just like that.
Now go into training mode and do that same motion 10 times. If you get a Hadoken every time, your doing it correctly. If you get a shoryuken, you are most likely pressing forward before you hadoken. If you get a tatsumaki, your're doing it in the wrong direction. If you get a forward tilt, you need to speed up the motion. If you get a jab, you should try moving the freaking control stick.

Now, the red hadoken (Or EX Hadoken for Street Fighter fans) is a bit more tricky. You need to go from back to forward, like this.

The truth is, smash bros counts holding back and down counts as holding back. So, you only have to do 3/4 of the actual motion.

Pathetic edit done by yours truly
Practice doing these in training mode as well, with the same method as above.

Protip: A faster hadoken is not always better. Slower ones can throw off your opponent and have a longer hitbox.


Or, as Ryu likes to call it, the TATSUMAKI SEPOOYUK
The tatsumakis distance, power, and knockback can be increased by holding the button for longer and decreased by tapping.

This is literally just a backwards hadoken. Do a hadoken in the opposite direction and you're set.

So easy my cat can do it. Actually, now that I think about it, he probably can't. Oh well.


This is the most complicated motion of them all. If you can do this consistently, you will be a much greater threat in matches, because you can kill with little startup to your move.
To start doing this move, press forward and then do a hadoken. Hold A longer for a move that has stupid amounts of invincibility, does more damage and knockback, but drastically increases your end lag.

This doesn't really explain how to do this motion effectively, now does it?
After you have this down, you can stop doing a full hadoken to do the quickest way to input a shoryuken: Forward, Down, Down Forward (As opposed to Forward, Down, Down Forward, Forward). Don't get frustrated if you can't do this 10 times in a row, it's hard for newcomers. I need you to know this.
PLEASE use training mode. A perfect shoryuken can take a long time to learn how to execute perfectly. It took me a few weeks to get it 100% of the time. Try, try, again. And then keep trying.

Go on my baby Ryus, and become the next Street Fighter!
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"If you get a jab, you should try moving the freaking control stick" sounds like me killing with true DP and somehow it works 10/10
Very helpful man
"If you get a jab, you should try moving the freaking control stick"

That great XD
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