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Belly Super Armor Compendium

Belly Super Armor Compendium

I just noticed Smashboards has this system so I'm gonna start uploading my resources here with detailed explanations. For the sake of not flooding everything, this'll be a gradual process. View the Lab Repository for everything.

This is a massive master document with King K. Rool's Belly Super Armor, Crownerang Damage-based Armor and Gut Check damage against every move in the game. This document takes many variables into consideration while also highlighting any notable weirdness. Everything is calculated exactly how Smash does it, giving it premier accuracy.

Overall, this document contains:
  • The damage a move deals, as well as;
    • How much damage K. Rool and the armor take once it's split between them
    • Whether the move breaks Belly Super Armor in one hit
    • Whether Crownerang's Damage-based Armor will take the hit
    • How much damage Gut Check with hypothetically deal
    • How much counters affect it (has its own sheet)
  • Base Damage and 1v1 w/Freshness damage is considered. This changes a bunch of things, such as;
    • Belly Super Armor breaks faster as 1v1 damage is calculated for damage, thereby meaning that due to a lack of scaling, 1v1 makes it worse. Freshness is also an issue
    • Crownerang can be affected negatively by Freshness as it's calculated before KB
    • Gut Check will deal more damage with these factors.
  • There's also armor frame data on the front page.
This is also updated for 7.0.0 as of 9th June 2020. I likely won't edit this, but this will be updated.
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