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The King K. Rool Lab Repository

The King K. Rool Lab Repository

If you're up for learning about King K. Rool, you've come to the right place. The King K. Rool Lab Repository is long and far my greatest creation. Updated for the past year, this document contains so many resources it'll make your head spin. Do you need to know anything about King K. Rool? It's here. I promise.

Naturally not everything here is useful for you guys, it all varies in quality. Me and my friends just kinda lab anything. I still have so much I want to do...

This document contains:
  • Detailed frame data using content straight from the scripts, with full patch note history.
  • Interaction sheets for Belly Super Armor, Crown Armor, Gut Check and more!
  • Projectile Interaction sheets for Crown, Blunderbuss, FAir and Gut Check
  • Kill Confirm Compendium (though I want to update this)
  • Notable player VOD Directory
  • Full OOS Sheet and Shield Data
  • Hit Advantage
  • In-Depth Bury Advantage Data
  • Bounce Glitch documentation
  • Well over 60 data spreadsheets with tips on how to make use of them and improve your gameplay, notably;
    • FAir VS Projectiles
    • FThrow Tumble%s for FThrow DA
    • UAir Movement Guide
    • Move staling management guide
    • Matchup-based interactions (eg. Incineroar Revenge, Joker Rebellion Gauge)
    • Bury-based interactions (Dash requirements for DThrow USmash, FTilt and FSmash VS Buried Opponents)
    • Ledgehang interaction sheets (for and against!)
    • Individual move aspect analysis
So what are you waiting for? Review the stuff here and become as princess carried by armor as I am. This character is so sick, man.

I recommend saving the more important sheets to your drive and keeping them offline for bracket purposes.
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Plague von Karma
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I liked the detail and explanations of the guide. The information in knowing the interactions of his moves, kill confirms, setups, and players is really valuable. This is well-done and I’d recommend a Rool player improving to check out the guide.
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