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Sorry about the long hiatus, let's get back to work...
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Lucario has come a long way from Brawl. Sure, he wasn't bad, but he wasn't anything compared to some of the higher tier characters; after all, he had no real fancy tricks. Things are different now. Lucario's Aura is much more of a tool for destruction than ever before! For instance: Some of Lucario's throws now scale with aura, certain moves change in range with up-scaling aura....​

Now that THAT'S over, let's begin the real guide...

For the sake of sparing you any extra time looking, I will start by saying that I didn't have specific frame-data and I don't a good capture device, but I do have an aura damage chart made by MythTrainerInfinity, and great resources from Masonomace and Jaxas that will be integrated soon. Isn't that great!?​
Let's start with a break-down of Lucario's moves:
On the ground:
Jabs: Aura Jabs 1, 2, and 3(at 0%) do 2% each, and,at max, do 4%, 3%, and 5%, respectively. It's a bit slower than many others character's jabs,opening a hit-box at frame 6, but great for making some space or throwing your opponent off. Jab 3 can be a great set up for a follow-up, as it forces your opponent into the air, making them need to land.
Ftilt: A 2-hit attack that comes out at frames 12 and 20. Like many of Lucario's attacks, it's great on those who tend to spot-dodge. The best way to pull off this tilt is through pivot tilting, as it adds that little bit of extra range you need. It's also great for shield pressure.
Utilt: Just as fast as the Jab and a bit stronger, only this time from the back! Great for getting some hits on an opponent trying to get behind you. Also great for wracking up damage at low percents, and mix-ups.
Dtilt: 3 frames slower than the jab, but a bit stronger. This move has a simultaneous hit-box directly behind Lucario as well. Great to use if you're unsure where your opponent plans to be. At low percents, this move combos into dash attack.
Dash attack: A long rushing attack that comes out on frame 8. It does moderate damage and moderate knockback. Great as a mix-up, but really great as an escape tool, as it gives you a quick burst of speed and it stops almost immediately afterwards.
Fsmash: A long frontal attack that comes out on frame 25. It's a huge disjoint that can be effective against opponents who spot dodge. It's very slow, and should only really be used as a hard read, but it's extremely powerful, killing some as low as 30% uncharged when at full aura power.
Dsmash: Like many down smashes, Lucario's attacks from both sides. Thus, it can be used to read rolls and punish them. It has a bit less range than Fsmash, but is 3 frames faster and has a bit more ending lag, so be careful when using it..
UpSmash: This is another 2-hit move. Almost just like in brawl, Lucario has these funky hit-boxes on the side of him. The two hits come out on frames 15 and 24, making hit 1 relatively quick. great for killing or as a hard-read anti air move.
*side note* All of Lucario's smashes have high knock-back, and thus high kill potential.

In the air:
Low percent strategies:
At 0% (for both you and your opponent), Lucario has little knock-back with most of his moves. At this point, you should focus on learning your opponent's tendencies, taking damage, and dishing some out as well.
A great method is testing what your opponent does when you run up and shield and when you do one jab.​
If your opponent is one to shield, prepare to do much more grabbing, and if your opponent attacks a lot, take the defensive and go for a punish game.
One of the most effective things to do at low percents is Up-Throw to buffered UAir. If done correctly, it can beat out almost anything: jumps, air dodge, even counters! It's no Chain-grab, but you can punish landings with grabs at times, so it is a sort of tech-Chase: from 0-50% you should short hop, from then until about 70% you can get the same effect using full hops. Be warned though: if you buffer that up-air even 1 frame too early, an up-smash will come out; then you might be little mixed up, kind of like our next topic!​
Low percent mix-ups:
Your opponent won't fall for the same trick every time! Mix it up for Pete's sake! Effectively, Lucario has many great mix-up options: run in and Shield, bait for rolls, B-reversal tricks; there's just so much that can be done.
Lucario's B-reversals are some of the best in the game. His neutral B-reversal is, specifically, very good: try running up close to your opponent (but not too close... some people like their personal space) short hopping, and reversing neutral B. You could bait your opponent into waltzing right into your teeny tiny aura sphere, but, more importantly, your opponent possibly attacked thin air. "But, Brad; that leaves you vulnerab-" Yes, yes I was getting to that point... that leaves you vulnerable and unable to attack.​
Save that technique for later. Instead, why not, turn around short hop to keep your momentum, and THEN B-reverse neutral B. Now you can face your opponent and punish him/her for attacking. Shoot that aura sphere like it has that dope's name on it!
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