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A Guide to Mario In PM

This is for any type of player, new, hardcore, or casual.
Table of Contents
Advanced Tactics
Air Strategy
Ground Strategy
Pros and Cons
Note: I have tested everything out that I have noted in this guide.

Advanced Tactics
So for some advanced tactics I have chain grabbing, if you do not know what chain grabbing is, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfr3Ik-3AZQ
Now that you know, lets talk about how Mario can use this tech. I suggest to start chain grabbing when your opponent is low on damage, since your opponent won't get launched to high up, I suggest using Mario's down throw. If you use your down throw on a high percent then they will be launched to high and your opponent could air dodge. Chain grabbing works best on big characters.
Also there is wave dashing, wave dashing is a tech used by everyone in melee, and the creators of PM brought it PM. If you don't know what wave dashing is, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLCX-hSaJpU
So know that we know, Mario has a pretty long wavedash, and is a great way to set up a grab or a smash attack. I prefer a wavedash into down smash or side smash.

Air Strategy
Mario has great ariel attacks, I suggest forward air (for punish), back air, up air (for juggling), and his neutral air, if you combine all of these you can make a pretty good combo. I suggest to end your combo with a up smash.
If someone tries to get close to you in the air, then use your down B or the cape.
Now to talk about recovery options, of course you have your double jump, and up B, and the cape to stall in the air, but your down B, if you press the B button over and over very quickly, you can gain height.

Ground Strategy
Mario has a lot of ground options. A great way to start a combo is his dash attack, I suggest dash attack into up smash, but that's just my opinion. His fireballs are a great way to keep people away from you, and are a great way to build damage.
Now let's talk about Mario's grabs, his down throw is a great way to start a combo along with his up throw, they can be followed up with his up air, then an up smash. His forward throw is helpful and can be followed up with a dash attack. His back throw can be used to throw your opponents off the stage and kill them with a low percentage, the lowest I had was about 90 damage if close enough to the ledge.

- Use the cape to turn your opponent around when they are about to use their up B to get back on stage, so they will go in the opposite direction.
- Mario's up tilt can be used multiple times.
- Mario's up smash is a great way to end a combo along with his forward air.
- Use Mario's cape to reflect almost any projectile.
- If your on a map like battlefield with any little platforms on a big platform, if your opponents lands on one of those little platforms, get below them and use your up air constantly.

Pros and Cons
+ Fast
+ Can easily create combos
+ Great recovery
+ Small hit box

- Fireballs disappear after a short period of time
- It is easy to combo him
- Up B puts Mario in a free fall position ( he can't do anything in the air)
- His forward air takes a while to hit and has some landing lag

That's all of my tips for PM Mario, I hope you use them when you play!
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Good to review on
Great Mario guide :P
i like the way he explains how to use mario
This guide is very slapped together. You have some good info but you are missing organization. Everything is put together in one paragraph. Also you are missing pictures, match up info, videos and you need to fix up the grammar a bit. You also don't have all his moves listed in a neat orderly manner saying the amount of priority each move has and the amount of dmg it does.
Please check other people's guides and make sure your guide is proper before you post it.
Hopefully you can fix it.
Thank you for your suggestions.
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