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Feb 1, 2019
Greetings Villager mains,

Ike main here, I recently posted a matchup guide over in the Ike forums and I'd like your opinions from the Villager's perspective about the Ike matchup. This is what I wrote:

Villager 20/80 Villager’s favor –
A good Villager is truly terrifying for Ike, and one of his worst matchups. Not only is he small and hard to hit but he’ll constantly be spamming his Fairs and Bairs (he shoots a small pellet through the air) it doesn’t do a lot of damage (4%-6% per hit) but they sure do add up because he can shoot them so quickly. Additionally, they can combo into his gyro special which is a delayed projectile that shoots slowly across the screen and blows up if it hits you. His ridiculously fast projectile spam makes it incredibly hard to approach unless you’re a god at parrying. And once he gets you off stage your woes continue, the aforementioned pellets of doom interrupt your quick draw recovery which can spell a frustrating early death, and if you try to recover with Aether from below his F-smash will obliterate you (he drops a bowling ball that falls down on you). If you do manage to get him off stage be ready to block the incoming projectiles and maybe go for a short hop down air or down-tilt if he’s recovering from below, anything else is too risky. Try your best to get him above you, your up-air kills him very early and he has fewer options vertically than he does horizontally. If you can, pick the smallest stage you can find, and ban the larger stages.

Do you agree or disagree with that ratio and what I said? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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May 15, 2015
The Villager in that video used virtually nothing but stale slingshots. He only won because the Ike player was very bad at playing aggressively and getting in, which can be as easy as a dash attack or a full jump -> fast-fall -> n-air. He also messed up by (I assume) picking Battlefield for the rematch, which is a difficult stage for aggressive play. And I never saw him use Counter, despite it being the perfect response to a barrage of gyroids and slingshots when you've finally gotten close.

Ike is a monster when it comes to attacking diagonally, and that also happens to be Villager's blind spot. A player who's familiar with Villager's moveset can easily extend a lead by staying in that blind spot.

That said, I agree that the matchup by far favors Villager. You won't beat him with Ike unless you've practiced it.
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The matchup is in Ike's favor, although it's very steep because he can get edgeguarded very hard, but that isn't the whole game.
  • Ike's sword beats Villager's projectiles.
  • Ike can kill Villager at very low percent because of his light weight.
  • As Ike, learn how to perry projectiles, it'll help you in a lot of matchups and this is one of them.
Offstage, Ike/Villager is 20/80
In Neutral, Ike/Villager is 60/40

Although Ike's disadvantage state is very bad for him, Villager has no landing options and 1 Neutral Air can mean 40-60% for FREE, even a kill if you have your mixups on point.
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