Your Smash Bros conspiracy thoeries?


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Nov 3, 2018
Bochum, Germany
Smash has a lot of fan theories surrounding development, licensing, the inspiration the developers had when making the game, etc.
I'm interested in knowing what theories other people have formulated regarding Smash's development and history.

My personal theory is an extension of the theory that Captain Falcon was given the moveset of the fighter from the early Smash prototype 'Dragon King' -- not only was Falcon given said moveset, but said moveset was also based on Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. The two movesets have many similarities, including:

- 'Falcon Punch' and 'Buster Wolf' are very similar. Both are the character's signature move, in which they cry out the name of the animal associated with them and inflict an explosive attack with their fist.
- Captain Falcon's dash attack is very similar to Power Charge
- Captain Falcon's kickflip Up Air is superficially similar to Crack Shoot
- Captain Falcon's original Neutral air is similar to aerial kicks that Terry can perform
- The fire effect on several of Captain Falcon's moves like Falcon Kick resembles the effect on Burn Knuckle
- Both characters express a similar cocky attitude, taunting their opponents with lines spoken in English, such as 'come on'.

It's known that Sakurai was inspired by Fatal Fury when creating Smash Bros (or rather Dragon King, which would later become Smash Bros), so I don't think it's a stretch to claim that there's a connection between Terry Bogard and the original Dragon King fighter.

Also fun to consider -- if this theory is true, that would mean Ganondorf is technically a derivative of Ryu (Ken was a copy of Ryu, the creator of Fatal Fury states Terry was based on Ken, the 'Dragon King' was inspired by Terry, Captain Falcon got 'Dragon King's' moveset, and Ganondorf got Captain Falcons)

Your theories/ thoughts on my theory?