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"You'll need practice if you wanna beat me!" - Ryudo for Smash!

Sheng Long

Smash Apprentice
Jul 28, 2014
Hyper Zone
Hey guys! This will be my very first support thread for a character. I am an avid rpg (and jrpg) fan and I've been recently playing Grandia II a lot. It's a really good rpg and it's really amazing (and surprising) that an HD collection came out on the Switch! So what better way to celebrate this by creating a thread for the second game's protagonist, Ryudo!

Special Attacks
Neutral Special: Tenseiken Slash - Ryudo prepares a powerful upward slash to cleave through his opponent. This can be charged for more power.
Forward Special: Flying Tenseiken - Ryudo sends his pet bird, Skye to grab his opponent. Once caught, they are entangled in purple electricity and are slowly carried upwards.
Up Special: Skye Take Flight! - Ryudo has Skye carry him through the air.
Down Special: Purple Lightning - Ryudo takes a fighting stance while covered in a purple electric aura. If he is attacked, he splits into four copies and does a combo attack on the opponent.

Standard Attacks
Jab: Ryudo slashes vertically with his sword.
Forward Tilt: Ryudo slashes horizontally with his sword.
Up Tilt: Ryudo slashes in an upward arc with his sword.
Down Tilt: Ryudo thrusts his blade.
Dash Attack: Ryudo attacks with a heavy slash like a critical strike in Grandia II.

Smash Attacks
Forward Smash: Burn! - Ryudo releases a fireball that explodes in front of him.
Up Smash: Burnflame - Ryudo releases a pillar of fire that burns upwards around him.
Down Smash: Gadzap - Lightning strikes down around Ryudo in a circle.

Aerial Attacks
Neutral Air: BOOM! - An explosion generates from Ryudo, affecting those around him.
Forward Air: Dragonzap - A dragon made of lightning flies forward, shocking anything in its path.
Back Air: Stram - Ryudo releases two small lighting bolts behind him creating a small field of electricity.
Up Air: Burnstrike - Ryudo releases multiple bird shaped fire blasts upwards in the air.
Down Air: Hellburner - Ryudo produces a pillar of fire downwards that explodes on contact.

Pummel: Ryudo pummels the opponent with the bottom of his sword.
Forward Throw: BA-BOOM! - Ryudo pushes the opponent a bit forward and then a droplet of energy forms which causes an explosion upon falling onto the opponent.
Back Throw: Meteor Strike - Ryudo launches the opponent backwards which forms a glyph around them that allows the meteor to target them.
Up Throw: Zap All - Ryudo launches the opponent upwards along with three balls of electricity which cause a burst of lightning.
Down Throw: Zap! - Several energy spheres rapidly spin around Ryudo and the opponent, creating a dome of electricity.

Final Smash
Final Smash:
Sky Dragon Slash - Ryudo takes a fighting stance, throws his sword up into the air, and then jumps up and catches it before slamming it into the ground which creates a massive fissure.​
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