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You call the shots for Smash 6. Your only enemy: MATH!


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Apr 4, 2013
Location Machine Broke
some guy from Madworld for the Nintendo Wii idfk I've never played it said:
For the last ****ing time, NOBODY SAID THERE'D BE MATH!!! 🎶 I blame our schools... 🎶
You receive a [phone call/voicemail/e-mail/text/tweet/letter in your mailbox/idc tbh] from Nintendo saying they want YOU to be fully in charge of the decision-making for Smash 6 for the Nintendo [Post-Switch Console Name TBD]-- what characters get in, what their movesets are, what stages get in, what music tracks will be in the game and which of those will be remixed, etc. --which is to be realized in [release date TBD]. After the obligatory "rejection of the call" part of your The Hero's Journey, you eventually manage to confirm that this is a legitimate non-joke request from the actual Nintendo of Japan. They'll even let you cut Mario for Goku if that's what your heart desires, but there's just one small catch: the base game has pesky budget and resource issues to contend with.

Luckily, Nintendo has devised a way to make the math for you quite simple.

Step 1: Find a D20 and Roll it. Use an online dice simulator if you want/need to.
Step 2: Add 100 to the result. This will be the game's "budget."
Step 3: You objective is to make Smash 6 to your liking while not going over your "point budget."

The base point cost for individual character slots is as follows:
1st Party Character = 1
1st Party Echo Fighter = 0.5
3rd Party Character = 2
3rd Party Echo Fighter = 1
4th Party Character = 5
4th Party Echo Fighter = 2.5
Each individual 3rd Party/4th Party company you work with will cost 0.5)

Character Slot Modifiers:
Veteran = -0.3
Transformation Fighte = +0.5 (ex. Brawl Samus, Shelda, and Pythra would be 1.5 each, whereas Pokemon Trainer would be 2)
Was a Assist Trophy/Mii Costume/Spirit in = -0.1
Alter/Rework Moveset: +0.1/+0.2
Character Visual Overhaul: +0.2
Alternate Costumes: +0.1 per costume

Returning Stage = 1 Point (Battlefield & Final Destination are Free)
New 1st Party Stage = 2 Points
Returning 3rd Party Stage = 1.5 Points
New 3rd Party Stage = 3 Points
New 4th Party Stage = 10 Points

1st Party Music Tracks = 0
1st Party New Remix = 1 Each
3rd Party Music Tracks = 1 Each (Exception- One-Winged Angel and One-Winged Angel's AC Remix are 1.5 each)
3rd Party New Remix = 2 Each
4th Party Music Tracks/Remixes = 5 Each

Spirits/Trophies/Stickers & Stage Cameos do not cost any points whatsoever.

OPTIONAL HARD MODE: GAMEPLAY MODES (you gain an additional 250 Points to use)
Original Boss Fight: 1 Point. (Notes- Master/Crazy Hands are free, but the Master Core isn't. Galeem and Dharkon are counted together as one boss)
1st Party Boss Fight: 1 Point
3rd Party Boss Fight: 2 Points
4th Party Boss Fight: 5 Points
Classic Mode: Varies
  • Smash 4 Style: 5 Points
  • 64/Melee/Brawl-Style: 10 Points
  • Ultimate Style: 0.2 Per Route
Event Mode/Spirit Board: 0.1 Points per Event (You may upgrade this mode to include a "World of Light"-style Story Mode for 10 Points)
Stage Builder: 10 Points
Melee-Style Adventure Mode: 3 Points + 1 Point Per Stage
SSE-style Story Mode: 20 Points + 1 Point Per Stage
"The Great Maze"-style Mode: 15 Points (Yes the Great Maze would count as its own separate mode)
Smash Run: 15 Points
Other Returning Modes (Home-Run Contest, Break The Targets, Board The Platforms, All-Star Mode, Boss Rush, Master/Crazy Orders, Smash Tour, Multi-Mob Smash, Smashdown, Squad Strike, etc.): 5 Points

Some weird stuff that exists for the sake of my own sanity (and maybe yours):
  • Items have been axed in their entirety, including Assist Trophies and Poke Balls. Final Smashes still exist in the game, but are performed solely through the FS Meter.
  • Miis have been visually reworked into a straight up Soulcalibur character creator, albeit only from the neck-down (you already made the head in Mii Maker, silly!). So no more Mii Costumes, either.
  • Due to internal complaints within Nintendo or something, Smash 6 will not include an RPG mechanics system of any kind like previous Smash games have, (Stickers in Brawl, Custom Equipment in Smash 4, Spirits in Ultimate).
  • Just as a clarification, Online Mode, Training Mode, 8-Player Smash and Omega/Battlefield Forms will not cost any points to retain.
Thank You for Playing!
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Mar 30, 2020
This is a fun idea of making our sequels since most secarios don’t use an imaginary budget.
I rolled a 6, so I get 106 points.
Since this took awhile, I’ll write down my thought process and then show the product below.
Starting Roster Additions
For the roster, I’ll start with the characters that are seen as essential to SSB: the perfect attendance crew, Luigi. Bowser, Peach, Wario, Zelda, Ganondorf, Charizard, Captain Falcon, Marth, Pit, Villager, some form of Mii fighter, Inkling, Sonic, Megaman, and Pac-Man. I have 20 veterans since Miis are included in a custom fighter creator, so these fighters cost me 14 points. For the third party veterans, the development costs 6.6 points after accounting for rights for Sega, Capcom, and Namco. Currently, I’ve used 20.6 points. I’ll give myself between 20 to 30 more points for fighters, so I’ll now add characters or series that I like in Ultimate: Ness, Ice Climbers, Robin, Shulk, Cloud, and Sora. Ness, Robin, and Shulk will cost 2.1 points, Ice Climbers will cost 1.2 points (while they weren’t in the transformation group, I think they should be included since they are the most taxing fighter on the roster), and the third parties cost 4.4 points, making this 7.7 points, so now I’ve used 28.3 points. Since I think that Pokemon Trainer is an important character, that adds an extra point used, and I think that Jigglypuff can stay since I also have Falcon and Marth staying for their popularity in SSB, so now I’ve used 30 points. The only newcomer I want is Tidus, so I’ll add him, making this a 2 point increase. Now, I’ll just add a few newcomers that are more predictable with Toad, Ring Fit Trainee, Waluigi, and the new promotional pokemon, so I just used 5.9 points, making my points used 35.9.
Beginning Stage Additions
Before I add any additional fighters, I’ll add stages and music for third party fighters. In terms of returning stages, a Mushroom Kingdom (my choice is 64), Kongo Jungle, Temple, Brinstar, Yoshi’s Island (Brawl), Sector Z/Corneria, Pokemon Stadium, Onett, Castle Seige, Smashville, Green Hill Zone, and Wily Castle feel like staples. I used 10 points to bring the first 10 stages and 3 points for the third party ones, so now I’ve used 48.9 points. Since I like Hyrule Castle, Fountain of Dreams, Saffron City, and Magicant, I’d bring these back, making my points used 52.9. In addition to these stages, I feel that Mario Kart, F-Zero, Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade, Wii, Pac-Man, FF, and Kingdom Hearts should have returning stages, so I’ll bring back Rainbow Road, the 3DS version of Mute City, Summit, Skyworld. the reduced version of Gaur Plain, Pac-Maze, Midgar, and Hollow Bastion, so another 8.5 points were used, making my number of points 61.4. Now, I’ll add a few new stages. For the Mario series, a Bowser’s Castle stage is a glaring ommission. Also, I’d like to add a stage based on BotW’s sequel, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the promotional Pokemon Region, Urchin Underpass a Ring Fit Adventurer stage, Egg Carrier, and the Luca Blitzball Arena, meaning that I just used 18 points, so now I’ve used 79.4 points altogether.
Third Party Tracks
Now, I’ll go into third party music tracks, and I will not remix tracks since I want to use my remaining points for extra stages and fighters and revamps (I want to use different versions of Zelda and Ganon and give Ganon his Crusade moveset). For the third party songs, I’ll choose the Green Hill Zone song, Open Your Heart, Mega Man 2 Medley, Pac-Man Medley, the battle themee for FFVII and FFX, and Simple and Clean. These songs cost 6 points altogether, so I have used 85.4 points now.
Revamps and Alts
For revamps and alts, I want to give Zelda her OoT design, Ganondorf is TP design and his Crusade moveset, so I used 0.6 points, making my number of points used 86. Additionally, I want Roxas alts of Sora, so my number of points used is 86.1
Last Minute Extras
One stage that I wanted to add that I didn‘t earlier was a Peach‘s Castle Stage, so I’ll add Princess Peach’s Castle. Also, I want a DK arcade stage, and 25m feels more appropriate than 75m, so 3 more points are used, giving me 16.9 points left. In terms of additional fighters, I feel that Nintendo would want another Animal Crossing character, and Lucina and Daisy are easy add ons, so Isabelle, Lucina, and Daisy return, mesning that I used 1.1 points, meaning that I have 15.8 points left. Since I have room for a few more veterans, I’ll bring back King Dedede, Diddy Kong, Lucario, Mewtwo, Bowser Jr., Rosalina, Young Link, Meta Knight, and Bayonetta, meaning that 5.6 points were used to bring back the first 8 veterans, and 1.7 points were used to bring back Bayonetta, so 7.3 points were used to bring these characters back, giving me 8.5 points left. I’m going to use 0.4 more points to redesign Young Link to be based on the Link to the Past Reincarnation, so I’m left with 8.1 points. For some of my last points, I’ll add Umbral Clock Tower, Duck Hunt, Miiverse, Arena Ferox, and Lylat Cruise, so I used 5.5 points, giving me 2.6 points left. Also, I have to add a song from Bayonetta (Let’s Hit the Climax), reducing the number of points to 1.6. With my remaining points, I’ll bring back Ike and add Octoling, giving me 0.4 points left. with these remaining points, I’ll tack on Dark Samus and Dark Pit as echoes.
Game Modes
For game modes, I’m given 250 points, and I’ll start with the most important single player modes: Classic Mode, an Event Mode, and All-Star Mode, Event Smash, and some Story/Adventure Mode. Classic Mode would work like Melee’s, I’ll do 50 events, and All-Star Mode like Melee’s, and make a WoL 2.0 for adventure mode, so I’ve used 35 points of my 250. For the next single player modes, I feel that Boss Battles is an appropriate addition, and I’ll add Home Run Contest and Brawl Target Test for additional single player modes, meaning that I’ved used 50 points. For my bosses, I’ll choose Giga Bowser, King K. Rool, Ganon, Ridley, Marx, Rayquaza, Dr. Eggman, and Dr. Wily, so another 10 points were used. Now, I’ll work on multiplayer. Stage Builder is a really fun tool, so that stays. Also, I’ll keep Tourney, 8 player battles, Smashdown, and a revamped version of Squad Strike where it has the versatility of Project M’s all star and Smash Remix’s 12 character battle, meaning that I used 30 points, so I’ve used 90 points. I want to bring back coin battles and add a few fun minigames with Smashketball, Smash Soccer, and Volleyball in addition to King of the Hill and Deathmatch options for fights, so I used another 30 points, so I used almost half of my points. For Online battles, Spectate, Tourney (1v1 and FFA are permanent options), Share Content and Arenas (tag team feture is added) return, so another 20 points is used, so I’ve used 140 points. For quickplay, there would be unranked (like current quickplay) and ranked (1v1 omega versions), so I have 100 points left over. Idk what to do with these points, but I guess I can use them to expand the roster and stages.
:ultmario::ultluigi::ultpeach::ultdaisy::ultbowser::ultrosalina::ultbowserjr:Toad, Waluigi:ultdk::ultdiddy::ultyoshi::ultwario::ultlink::ultyounglink::ultzelda::ultganondorf::ultsamus::ultdarksamus::ultkirby::ultmetaknight::ultkingdedede::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultpokemontrainer::ultjigglypuff::ultmewtwo::ultlucario:Promotional Pokemon:ultfalcon::ultness::ultmarth::ultike::ultlucina::ultrobin::ulticeclimbers::ultpit::ultdarkpit::ultvillager::ultisabelle::ultshulk::ultinkling:Ring Fit Trainee:ultsonic::ultmegaman::ultpacman::ultcloud:Tidus:ultbayonetta::ultsora:(Roxas Alts)

FD, Battlefield, Mushroom Kingdom 64, Princess Peach’s Castle, Rainbow Road, Bowser’s Castle, Kongo Jungle, 25m, Hyrule Castle, Temple, BotW Sequel Stage, Brinstar, Fountain of Dreams, Kirby and the Forgotten Land stage, Corneria/Sector Z, Lylat Cruise, Saffron City, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon map from most recent generation (Gen 9 will probably come in a year or two), Mute City 3DS, Onett, Magicant, Castle Seige, Arena Ferox, Summit, Skyworld, Smashville, Wuhu Island, Miiverse. Gaur Plain (reduced), Duck Hunt, Urchin Underpass, Ring Fit Adventurer Stage, Green Hill Zone, Egg Carrier, Wily Castle. Pac-Maze, Midgar, Luca Blitzball Arena, Umbral Clock Tower, Hollow Bastion
I’ll list the Nintendo ones later, but have Green Hill Zone, Open your Heart, Mega Man 2 Medley, FFVII battle theme, FFX battle theme, Let’s Hit the Climax, and Simple and Clean

Single Player
Classic Mode (Melee Format)
Mob Smash
Target Test
Home Run Contest
All-Star Mode
Event Mode
WoL-esque Adventure

Smash (time, stock, coin, KotH, Deathmatch, up to 8 players)
Squad Strike renovated
Smash Soccer
Stage Builder

1v1 Ranked
Arena (includes tag team)
Share Content
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