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You Are My Hope. . .Tiz Arrior For Smash!

Jul 12, 2014
An elevator

Tiz Arrior
Bravely Defalut (3DS)
Bravely Second (3DS)
Bravely Default Praying Barge (PC)
Bravely Default D's report (Mobile)

I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up in Bravely Default Fair's Effect since Yew has, but im not 100% sure on that one
1. Who is Tiz Arrior?
Tiz Arrior is one of thethe main characters for the Bravely Default series by Square Enix. In the first game on 3DS, he is the main character, in the second, he returns as a one of the 4 playable characters

"But Zebei, don't you vastly prefer Edea Lee, the 4th playable character from Bravely Default?"
Yes but Tiz being the main character of the first game and extremely important in the second (he is on the damn box) gives him a significant edge in chances compared to the rest of the cast

"But isn't Edea important Bravely Second too?"
Shut up hypothetical person she is only important to sidequests!

2. Why should Tiz be in smash?
Well for one Bravely Default and Second are awesome games. Square Enix has supported nintendo for a long time, and Bravely Default's team already confirmed that they were making a game during the special Switch presentation. Being one of the few games to get a trailer then is a pretty big deal.

But more importantly. . .moveset potential. First of all, Bravely Default takes some inspiration from another Square game, Final Fantasy :4cloud:. In Bravely Default, characters can have "jobs" that give them different abilities. Certain jobs wield weapons better or have unique abilities. Monks are best with hand to hand attacks and have flashy moves. Knights are good with swords and shields and Black mages are good with offensive wands and maces and offensive magic.

"Black mage, monks, something that sounds like a warrior. . .is this just a named warrior of light?"
Who is this strange voice with a purple pen anyway? Well sort of. The heroes are sort of references to games like FF1 and 3, but they have way more jobs to choose from with much more variety.​

Here is the job list Tiz can take from for JUST THE FIRST GAME.
So yes. Tiz can be a Magical Pirate Ninja Knight

But why stop there?
Here is the new classes added to Bravely Second
Magical Pirate Ninja Knight Cowboy Chef Furry Bishop. . .
So Tiz can pretty much do anything.
And here is a bunch of special moves that Tiz can do. It isn't every ability, but it is a lot of the absurdly flashy ones.

There is also however, the Brave/Default system.

Bravely Default is an RPG and it's turn based. You can use up a turn and "default" to increase your defense for that turn and gain one "BP." You gain one BP every turn no matter what. defaulting gives you another. You can use Brave up to 3 times a turn. For every brave you will lose one BP and act one more time that turn. So you can act 4 times in one turn. If you have less that 0 Bp you will not be able to act for a turn until you get back up.

How this will be used in a movest is up to Sakurai though. There are certainly some cool options though.

Oh. and one last thing.

I would love to fight to some of this music.

Imagine fighting to this stuff. Godlike.

Stages to hear that music on

This is the 2nd City of the game. Why not the first? Because it's boring as hell. This one is not. clocks and windmills everywhere to fight on for moving platforms.

A beautiful area. Not a lot of potential here but who cares it's pretty.

GRANDSHIP (flying)
The flying ship used by the Warriors of Light. The reason for this one is beacuse it's a flying ship and quite important to the game. Not really much else to say here.

So yeah this is a thread for supporting Tiz. Bravely Third when?

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Smash Lord
Jun 7, 2014
Your guess is as good as mine
Wouldn't it be more likely to be Agnes instead of Tiz? I know she's not playable in the sequel but she's got that important character role down pretty well.
If it's not Agnes then I'd love to see Tiz get in there instead and be a jack of all trades Dissidia's Vaan type character using the plethora of job classes from the past games. Give him that fluffy hair-over-one-eye look from the sequel too.
Bravely Default was an incredible game with notably gorgeous music so I'd love to see it get some representation in smash


Smash Lord
Aug 11, 2013
Naked in Magicant
Ahhh, i'd certainly love if a Bravely Default/Second character made it in, personally i prefer Yew, but Tiz does have higher chances, heck just for the music alone, i definitely support!


Smash Journeyman
May 2, 2018
Never played it before. But, I'm planning on getting the first Bravely Default for my 3DS. I support!
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Deleted member

I've heard there are some people who don't care for it. But I for one appreciate Bravely Default for going back to old-school Final Fantasy style of RPG's while adding it's own unique elements. Turn based games are dead some say? More like that argument is dead.

I'll admit I have yet to play either game but I would like to someday (even if Nintendo kind of screwed up a couple things in Bravely Second's localization) so count me in as a supporter for Tiz Arrior.

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Smash Apprentice
Aug 21, 2018
I kinda want this to happen with recent leaks and the like, doubt it but I still want it to happen.
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