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Yoshi's number one flaw in Smash 4


Smash Apprentice
Dec 9, 2018
In Super Smash for the Wii U, Yoshi's number one flaw is that he doesn't have super armor when he does a ground pound (down+B). When I attempt a ground pound on an opponent and the attack misses (which is often), opponents constantly exploit the missed attack and attack Yoshi towards the end of the missed ground pound. This has caused me to lose many matches. It goes likes this:

1 - Yoshi makes a ground pound.
2 - The ground pound misses.
3 - The opponent immediately attacks Yoshi (at the end of the ground pound) - the attack occurs during the brief moment when Yoshi is vulnerable

This is a significant vulnerability, and Yoshi should've been given super armor for this move. The fact that Yoshi does not have super armor for this move means the opponent can exploit it (when it misses), and it means it will always be challenging for a Yoshi player to win a match.

Other significant flaws: Yoshi doesn't have a third jump, and if Yoshi attempts to grab and the grab misses, the opponent can punish the missed attack.


Smash Ace
Mar 28, 2015
Yoshi's flawed in a lot of ways in Smash 4, but not having super armor on his Down B is not one of them. Down B is a high risk, high reward move -- in other words, it's designed to be able to be punished if it misses.

If you don't want Down B to be punished, then either don't use it, or use it when you're sure it'll hit (e.g. combo it after Jab1). You should also consider using lower risk moves like drift back Fair, which is harder to punish.


Yeah Shulk, get stuck in!
Apr 10, 2010
Independence, MO
Maybe it's true that Yoshi lacks a true third jump but, from what I've dabbled with for Yoshi recovering in Ultimate? The first Egg Toss is FOR SURE way better as a recovery option than he's ever had in Smash Bros. history. Granted, I'm not aware of the decay rate that his Egg Tosses factor in repeated usage in recovering.

But if you use his amazing airjump and time an Egg Toss near the apex of the airjump? It soars so freakin' high and I LOVE it. It's almost hard to control for me still lmao.
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