Wurmple, Bugs the Competition!!!!

May 27, 2019
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Description for "What is Wurmple".

Name: Wurmple
Franchise: Pokemon
Description: Wurmple is a bug type Pokémon from Generation 3 of Pokémon. It evolves into Silcoon or Cascoon, which evolve into Beautifly or Dustox respectively.
Moveset: For it's moveset, it uses things that aren't canon within Pokémon that could allow it to attack, such as the large "spike" on its head or spikes on it's back. It uses it's evolutions to help it out too. It uses the two large spikes on it's abdomen to attack as well.

Neutral Special: Poison Sting, can poison foes.

Side Special: Creates a ball of string around itself to attack foes. Acts simarrly to Yoshi’s Side B.

Up Special: Summons a Beautifly or Dustox to lift Wurmple up

Down Special: Summons a Cascoon or Silcoon to work as a counter.

Jab: Bites at opponents

Side Tilt: uses the horn on its head to whack opponents

Up tilt: Raises the spikes on it's abdomen into the air to hit foes

Down tilt: Wurmple bites downwards

Side Smash: Uses Struggle. Multi hit attack

Up Smash: Extends the spikes on its back to hit anyone above it

Down Smash: Spins around and deals damage

Neutral air: Spins around and deals damage

Forward air: Whacks opponents using its head

Down air: Whacks head “spike” downwards

Up air: Whacks head “spike” upwards

Back air: uses the spikes on it's abdomen to hit foes simarrly to Yoshi’s back air

Grab: Uses string shot to reach from a long distance. Can tether

Pummel: Uses Bug Bite

Down Throw: Throws the opponent downwards to hit a cascoon or silcoon

Forward Throw: Throws opponent a long distance

Back Throw: Tosses Foe backward a long distance

Up Throw: Throws opponent upwards to be hit by a dustox or beautifly

Up Taunt: Does a short dance

Down Taunt: Spins around while shooting out string. Can damage foes but only does 2% with no knockback or flinching

Side Taunt: Roars at opponents using its cry from the Pokemon games

Final Smash: Cascoon Cascade,

Cascoon and Silcoon rain down from the sky and damage foes.

Why should he be in smash?
Well, he'd be an unexpected character in the manner of Piranha Plant was. There were more obvious picks, but this pick diversifies the roster of pokemon more. It would be the first bug type and gen 3 representative.

He's a bit obscure and was never really in a major role, so he's pretty unlikely.

Let's get Wurmple in Smash!

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