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Aug 12, 2012
(You're perfect, now change.)

With a little help from the gaming gods, the Altered Beast could be a unique star in the Smash Bros. roster. Although Corrin stole some of his would-be thunder with her transformation, let's POWER UP and take a look how he could be implemented:

Ha! That's a joke right?
...Er, well....no--I'm quite serious. (That actually hurt my feelings a little.)

Wasn't his game mediocre?
Although some may feel the game hasn't aged well as others from that time, it's one of my favorites and jumpstarted my love for Sega, and video games in general. (Plus, if there's anything cooler than transmuting into a werebear and turning underworld demons to stone with your breath, I don't want to know about it.)

Alright, well, who is he?
Summoned by Zeus, God of Thunder, you have been awakened from the dead to challenge the wicked Neff, God of the Underworld, for the fate of Athena. And Athena is no ordinary girl. She is the daughter of Zeus and must take her rightful place among the gods if only you can free her from place of imprisonment.Although you were once a brave and awesome Roman Centurion, the rigors of this journey demand a supernatural display of strength. And so you are bestowed with the powers of the Altered Beast. The power to transform your being into a part animal, part human creature of formidable force. . .

Wait--isn't Zeus the Greek name?
You got me. An error by Sega. If we really are playing as a Roman Centurion, Zeus' name should be "Jupiter" (however, Zeus is more recognizable).

What should his moves be?
Although there are many avenues you could take with this character, I think he should play as his normal Centurion self and only have brief transformations that are accessed just by special moves:

Neutral Special
Fire ball - The Altered Beast centurion briefly changes to the werewolf.

Down Special
Laser barrier - A protective weredragon electrified shield that can connect on all sides.

Side Special
Bear Breath - Breath so bad, it briefly immobilizes your opponent (in the game, it turns your enemies to stone).

Up Special
Pillar of Fire - A weretiger transformation for a recovery and to attack opponents above. This would have vertical recovery, but not much in the way of horizontal.

Final Smash
Golden Arrow - When the centurion grabs the spirit ba...er, Smash Ball, the transformation from human to golden werewolf flashes across the screen, and he does one powerful streak across the stage, knocking into anyone in his immediate path.

The Altered Beast has many different forms from the GBA and PS2 version, but it is the original beasts that most resonate, and I think the Genesis iteration should be used to copy moves, as it's the more widely disseminated (and the Altered Beast werewolf doesn't look like he's doing a hadouken).

To really illustrate the transmuting and using other iterations, the Centurion could change into a were-turtle while dodging and rolling like Samus, a were-shark when landing in water hazards, or a were-phoenix when double jumping.

The Altered Beast in human form should have the moves from the game: A direct punch, a kick that looks like he should be playing soccer instead of defeating demons, a kick in the air while crouching, etc. However, smash attacks would display a blue energy "flame," that is represented in the character's "giant man" and "super man" forms. The Centurion's walk and run should be that stiff but purposeful stride.

Or alternatively:
Like in the original game the inate goal is to become the Altered Beast during the level. While playing the as a Centurion, you have means to upgrade your fighting ability but you never feel quite comfortable until you become that creature. The roar, the transformarion, the awakened power and sense of invulnerability...and then the inevetable let down when Neff takes your spirit balls and you ned to start all over. The Smash representation should feel very much the same. Perhaps a steady progression from normal man to giant man to super man to beast...and then back down again. This would be a different hook, which is something Sakurai looks for--how can the fighter be different. The beast should be a random wolf, bear, or tiger (to mimic the 3DS' Random Transformation mode), and the Final Smash should be a flying weredragon that will fly and can either generate electricity or shoot an electric bolt.

Reveal Trailer:
Similar to Corrin's reveal trailer, you will be in a first person view. Roman Centurions will be on either side of your. It is evident you are a part if their army. You see an opposing army in the distance. You and your comrades charge into battle...and the screen goes blank. Darkness, silence for several seconds. Then a rumble. The sound of concrete shaking and crumbling. Amidst the rubble you look up and see the translucent bust of Zeus, and hear the infamous digitized "Rise from your grave!" The screen pans sideways and is no longer a first person view. You see the Centurion and Zeus above him. Like in the original game, text reads above the screen, "I command you to rise from your grave...and enter the Smash tournament!" Several bad-guy characters appear at the right of the screen tonchexk out the commotion. The Centurion tramsfoms to the werewolf and does an arrow dash towards them with the banner "Altered Beast Rises From His Grave!"

From there, there should be gameplay scenes of the werewolf combating Wolf O'Donnell, the weredragon combating Corrin, and there werebear and Donkey Kong looking puzzled at each other. Pit and Palutena should also be in conversation with Palutena remarking that she had heard of the Altered Beast and it appeared Zeus wanted to submit a challenger of his own to compete with her fighter, Pit.

Isn't Altered Beast...
Although only seeing two other adaptations (Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms for GBA and Project Altered Beast for PS2), Altered Beast still carries a lot of name recognition. The final boss, Neff in rhino form, can be found in the Bad-a-non scene of Wreck-It Ralph, and in 2016 Sega inked a deal with the producers of the Walking Dead to produce a film or series of the game. The Altered Beast werewolf also made a cameo in Project X-Zone 2 on 3DS a few years back.

Altered Beast itself has been on over fourteen different consoles and downloadable services since release, and it's very much engrained in video game culture. The original game was even on the NES with its own unique levels and added characters, and the Genesis/arcade version has appeared on Virtual Console on Wii and eShop on 3DS.

Smash Symbol:
Altered Beast never had a simple symbol, but an animal's eye juxtaposed to a human's eye would be fitting, as this is displayed on the arcade cabinet and pre-title screen.

As in the game, a monolithic tomb will appear from the ground, quake, and the centurion will break free.

Up taunt: A transparent image of Zeus will appear above the centurion.
Side Taunt: The centurion will briefly grow into a "giant man" with the sound effect of Power Up!
Down Taunt: The centurion will briefly grow into a "super man" with the sound effect of Power Up!

Character select SFX:
The pained roar of an animal transformation.

Although I'm not a big fan of these types, the stage would need to be a parallax scrolling from the first stage, complete with rising tombs and runaway Cerberus.


    • Centurion
    • Golden Werewolf (Final Smash)
    • Zeus
    • Neff
    • Neff (Rhino)
    • Aggar (Neff's form as the first boss)
    • Athena
    • Werelion, Werephoenix, and Wereshark (formations that were exclusive to the NES version...even though the wereshark was really just a regular-looking shark).
Patriot712's ideas and moveset:
Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Company: Sega
Origin: "Altered Beast" (1988)
Weight: Medium-heavy
Emblem: Wolf head
Voice actor: Patrick Seitz
Boxing Ring Alias: "Shape-shifting Extraordinaire"

-His dark pink outift from the game.

Intro:-A lightning bolt strikes a gravestone and he appears from the smoke.

Idle animation:-The same from the game, with him ocassionaly cracking his neck or grabs his shoulder and spins his arm.Special moves:

    • B: Tiger Shot
    • ▲+B: Dragon Flight
    • ►+B: Wolf Dash
    • ▼+B: Bear Breath
    • Final Smash: Golden Wolf

    • Up: Turns Wolf and howls.
    • Down: Cracks his knuckles while saying "You don't stand a chance!"
    • Side: Turns Tiger and roars.
Alternate costumes:(Based on the 2nd player and Neff's colors)

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Grey
    • Yellow
    • Violet
    • Purple
Stage:-Ancient Graveyard: A Greek graveyard filled with tombstones, statues and pantheons, all partially covered with vegetation. A forest with some enemy creatures from the game can be seen in the background.

Victory pose:
-Slashes a few time and howls in his Wolf form.
-Turns back into human and says "My work here is done"
-Turns his back to look at the sky as Zeus (the original sprite from the game) appears and says "My quest continues..."

Victory music:-A snippet from the game's Ending Theme.


    • "Rise From Your Grave"
    • "Altered Beast"
Assist Trophy:
-Neff: First appears in his human form using electric beams and then tranforms into his Rhino form, charging at the other player/s (using the same voice track from the original game).

    • "Welcome to your doom!"
    • "Hahaha!" (Before vanishing)

For one of the best retrospectives on Altered Beast, check out this video from Kim Justice:

With Sega ensuring Altered Beast is in our collective consciousness with a stream of re-releases, a film or tv series on the horizon, and Altered Beast getting a top billing in the new Sega Genesis Collection coupled with the company being elusive about when we might see a Switch release, the series won't be welcoming its doom any time soon. Maybe Smash Bros. will be the next step.
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Aug 12, 2012
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Aug 12, 2012
Maybe there's hope yet. Sega just announced Funko Pop figurines to commemorate Altered Beast's 30th anniversary (apparently).