Will Greninja Return to Smash 5?

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Do you think Greninja will return to Smash 5? Would you want him to or not? What do you want to change about him, or his move-set? Feel free to edit my changes, or post your own in the comments.

I know nothing about Pokemon, so I did some research. The first normal I would modify is F-air which I would change to aerial ace. It would be a disjoint, and have the hitbox come out on frame 8, and disappear on 10, having 15 less frames of end lag, it's basically a better version standard F-air. I would keep most of the other aerials the same, because they create his combo game, while F-air is mostly used for spacing.

I would switch substitute (down special) with protean, and make it like Cloud's limit charge. Protean is an ability that makes it so your type changes to the type of the move you previously used (for example, if Greninja used F-air (aerial ace) after fully charging protean, he would be a flying type which would increase his air speed(?). Shadow sneak (side special) is useless in almost all situations, with its only good attribute being SSHC (shadow sneak hitstun cancelling). The only substitute for side special I could think of is something like a grounded Pikachu quick attack, but instead of instantly moving you to a location, it temporarily increases your speed until you use an attack, or it times out after five seconds.

So that's my list. As I said, feel free to edit it, or make a completely new list.

(lol it's basically making Greninja overpowered)
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