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Who wins this matchup? Little Mac V. Captain Falcon


Smash Apprentice
Feb 6, 2016
Maple Valley, WA
I know a lot of people say this sounds like an even matchup but I wanted to hear from you guys.

Little Mac

- Faster attacks
- More attack power
- Incredible mobility on the ground
- Awesome spacing game when using extended dashes and perfect pivots
- Terrible recovery
- Terrible aerial attacks
- Has trouble landing
- Lightweight (kind of)
- Poor grab range

Captain Falcon
- Good grab range and good grab speed
- Good mobility on the air and on the ground
- Great air-game
- Great combo game
- Awesome spacing game when using extended dashes and perfect pivots
- Very predictable recovery
- Has trouble landing
- Significant end lag on a number of moves (rapid jabs, Fsmash, grab)
- Not too good neutral game

I did not include the KO punch because I would be biased if I put in something that Falcon doesn't have.

For me, I personally think Mac wins this one IF one is willing to be patient and wait out a situation where Mac can go on the offensive without being threatened by a punish if he misses. However, on the other hand, if one mistake is made on Mac's part, one grab by C. Falcon can lead into Nairs and rack up big damage that is very bad for Mac and if Mac has big enough damage by the end of the Nairs, Falcon can just short hop thinking he'll do it again but then just read the airdodge and finish off your stock with an Fsmash. Basically, the only practical way to beat a good C. Falcon is to not let him get what he wants which at most times, from what i've seen, is a grab.
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Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2015
depends on the stage honestly (which goes for all of little macs MU's). i view it as slightly captain falcon favor, 55/45, due to the fact we can't di dthrow knee at certain percents. this effectively makes it so falcon has to win less times and neutral than we do to net the stock. still a very volatile MU, and i think mac wins on other stages (lylat/FD mac favored, even on T&C)
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