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What’s Docs best stages against the rest of the cast?


Smash Rookie
Sep 29, 2017
Perth, Western Australia
I’d be very thankful if someone could help me out cause I have no clue which stages are good and bad for Doc and what stage I should be counter picking against certain characters.
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Smash Journeyman
Apr 21, 2014
I don't play Doc so my opinion won't be that great but here are at least the basics.

Against spacies, FD is preferable since Doc can chaingrab them. Probably this is similar for Captain Falcon though I can imagine Doc having a hard time with no platforms to navigate with.

In general, Doc does well on stages with low ceilings since his main kill confirm is either up throw fair (on fast fallers) or down throw fair (on floaties). So Pokemon stadium is a pretty good stage, especially against floaties like Peach and Puff when you get early kills.

This is super basic but hopefully someone else who actually knows more about this than me will comment as well.
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