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Walking on Hot Ash 3 Results | 8/25/2012 | Mountain Lakes, NJ


Smash Lord
Jun 24, 2009
1: Eggm ($80.00)
2: Nando ($20.00)
3: CopyCat ($10.00)
4: Twebb
5: Jsex
5: AwesomeShawn
7: Zero
7: TRK
*9: Slox
*9: Proskater
9: Pyro
9: Theftz
*13: The Irish Mafia
13: Attack Party

*These players were entered into the tournament because we were under the assumption that they were going to show up. They didn't show up so they got just got dq'd.

Sorry to proskater and slox for having such a ****ty day. But thanks for showing up.
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