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Vs. Snake


Smash Lord
Jan 1, 2013
dont get hit.

while that applies in bassically most situations, if you follow that here, you truly will be fine. snake isnt great in neutral, and you can approach him pretty well. he has pretty bad aerial mobility so youre going to control airspace a lot better than him. since you have the best frame advantage on shield out of everyone in the cast, his usually strong OOS is hindered a lot. turnips make things easy since hes pretty slow, and he doesnt have many options besides grab to beat your CC. if you get stickied though, youre dying very early. so be mindful of the tranquilizer gun, but since youre in the air a lot, you should be good. edge guarding him is pretty easy too. all in all i think this match is pretty well in peaches favor, since youre neutral game is so much more potent than his and its easy to rack kills with edge guarding.
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