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VS Little Mac - Matchup Discussion and Analysis


Triforce of Wisdom
Sep 20, 2010
Well having playing Marth in tournament yesterday I think this is one of the best matchups for us, and I spoke with Sol in the venue and he told me that is one of the hardest matchups for him. Marth can outspace all of Mac's moves. We just have to take him to a stage with platforms and camp him out, wait until he approaches and react with a well spaced move. When he is offstage we have to force him to waste his jump, feinting an approach and then react to the side B or up B. We can counter both, Mac's side B sweetspots the ledge so we have to run offstage and counter, and up B never sweetspots (thanks boxing gloves) so we just counter it until he dies.

Stage choices: Mac kills off the top, and hates platforms, so our best stage by far is Battlefield for this matchup. Dream Land is also good but beware of Mac's dtilt into upb in the top platform. Duck Hunt is great for us if we have the lead, but it's also pretty good for Mac if he has the lead. Also Lylat helps, but be aware that Mac can reach the platforms in just one jump and he can upsmash the platforms, but this stage hinders his recovery even more. Smashville is OK. Don't ever go to Town and City, it's Mac's best stage (Sol agrees with this) because half of the time is FD, and he can kill super early. As you know, FD is pretty good for Mac, but I rather go to FD instead of Town and City.

tl;dr: wait for him in platforms, react to his moves and counter his recovery.
Strike: FD and Town and City.
Ban: Town and City.
Counterpick: Battlefield, if it's banned I'd go to Dream Land or Duck Hunt.

Matchup Ratio: +3 :4marth:/ +1 :4lucina:
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