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Up-smash KO percentage?


Smash Apprentice
Jun 19, 2014
I'm new to Fox and up-smash KOs, so can someone who knows the game help me understand this data? (obtained from training mode)

KO %* for Jigglypuff on:
Yoshi's Story: 60%
PS 2: 63%
Dreamland: 77%

KO %* for Fox on:
Yoshi's Story: 95%
PS 2: 99%
Dreamland: 114%

KO %* for Wolf on:
Yoshi's Story: 106%
PS 2: 109%
Dreamland: 127%

KO %* for Bowser on:
Yoshi's Story: 101%
PS 2: 105%
Dreamland: 124%

So it seems like fall speed and weight both affect how soon an opponent can be KO'd off the top. And that more of either reduces KBG of up-smash. And that more of either increases the effect of DI to survive up-smash (although I didn't put those percents here).

Are those conclusions all correct? If so, why aren't the increases all by the same amount?

*with no DI, from the stage

Question 2: I confirmed Samus to die at 90% on PS2 with no DI. But in a match, she didn't die to Usmash at 105%, which seems way more than can be accounted for by DI (and she went higher than crouch-cancelling would allow). Why is that?
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