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Up-Fsmash > KO Punch combos. Forget fishing for that dtilt juggle


Smash Journeyman
Sep 18, 2014
Up-Fsmash has far better range and provides super armor. You can foxtrot dash into it etc

For super heavies like dedede, bowser, Dk, ganon - Up-Fsmash > utilt > KO

heavier chars and fastfallers- cloud, captain falcon, ryu, fox, sheik, roy - Up-Fsmash > dtilt > KO

ZSS, diddy, - Up-Fsmash > KO

lighter chars can typically escape especially with rage (which youll very likely have if youve built up a KO meter) - i would always gauge and take into account your opponents habits when they react to a hit- if they prefer to doublejump away from your standard dtilt combos- chances are you wont get the connect. If they like to attack out of it then Up-Fsmash > Jab 1/2 > KO can work as a means to interrupt the opponents attack and make up for any frame disadvantage. (Jab is frame 1, while KO punch is frame 9- some chars can attack you if you just try to go straight for the KO punch)

i've been doing this for years now and its really fun and simple to foxtrot dash into a camping opponent and get a stock off of them this way.

Don't get me wrong- dtilt juggling is way more reliable and consistent, but the range and foxtrot movement do make it just as viable.
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