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University Of Minnesota Monthly #3


Smash Cadet
Nov 28, 2014
Melee Singles
1st Slayer($432)
2nd Chexr($216)
3rd Triple RRR's($72)
4th Veklor
5th Deepak
5th Triple R
7th TD
7th Sync
9th Flux "Ramen" Wolf
9th Dembo
9th The Great Hambino
9th Rattigan
13th Dairy
13th Maxy B
13th Heibel
13th Ergo
17th Iron
17th Nakamaman
17th Kyle
17th Coast
17th Knight
17th D Disciple
17th SInnyboo242
17th Focket
25th Ersaac
25th Marilink
25th SMK
25th Bayless
25th PFarm Joey
25th Karma
25th Omen
25th Ganon The Beast

Melee Doubles
1st Slayer/Triple R($198)
2nd Rattigan/Sync($99)
3rd Chexr/Coast($33)
4th Focket/Sinnyboo42
5th Triple RRR's/Deepak
5th Marilink/Omen
7th The Great Hambino/MaxyB
7th TD/Veklor
9th Trill/Dembo
9th billybillyjim/Iron
9th Heibel/Flux "Ramen" Wolf
9th Dairy/Ersaac
13th Ssiek The Nudist
13th Bayless/Loring
13th amz/rbs
13th Kwote/Phalanx
17th Cream | Bean

PM Singles
1st Chexr($360)
2nd Slayer(180)
3rd Jax($60)
4th Connor
5th Ayman
5th Deepak
7th Cheesosauros Rex
7th Veklor
9th Sinnyboo242
9th Triple RRR's
9th Kyle
9th Gazer
13th Corbo
13th SMK
13th Bayless
13th Logan
17th Hamp
17th Coast
17th TD
17th Retro
17th Knight
17th Zinger
17th Karma
17th The Nudist
25th Coz
25th Darth Shard
25th Breau
25th ODC | Rawket
25th Red Joker
25th ODC | Count Gooby
25th Shiro
25th Lord
33rd Texas
33rd Ssiek
33rd Jark
33rd TrikeMan115
33rd Reldnach
33rd Cream
33rd CJ Voidzer
33rd BanUniGames
33rd Soul
33rd Foxy K
33rd e018s
33rd Bean
33rd Projectile dysfunction
33rd Sunken
33rd Stairmaster
33rd KangarooBoogaloo
49th Dembo
49th Xeelt
49th PeteTheMeat
49th Gump
49th CrashTank
49th inputheart
49th amae
49th Zora
49th Emergency
49th Tuff
49th The Clapp

PM Doubles
1st Deepak/Sinnyboo242($174)
2nd Ayman/Jax($87)
3rd Chexr/Coast($29)
4th Logan/Connor
5th Rattigan/Sync
5th TD/Veklor
7th Karma/Fluxwolf
7th Bayless/Gazer
9th Cheesosauros Rex/The Great Hambino
9th Zinger/Darth Shard
9th Bean/Jark
9th Hamp/Projectile dysfunction
13th amae/Sunken
13th Backwardsack/PeteTheMeat
13th Cream/MrRobit

Smash 4 Singles
1st Triple R($312)
2nd neomadgic($156)
3rd Marilink($52)
4th Ayman
5th Sinnyboo242
5th Prince Kirby
7th Xeelt
7th Slinky
9th Retro
9th Icy
9th Ganon The Beast
9th cheeky
13th Titan
13th Player 2
13th Denlock
13th MrRobit
17th D. Disciple
17th billybillyjim
17th Chexr
17th ODC | Count Gooby
17th Bayless
17th Ted
17th ODC | Ninjalens
17th Coast
25th Zora
25th Emergency
25th S-Luck
25th gublash
25th BlueWolf
25th Lt Wheat
25th techtonio
33rd trippybutter
33rd ODC | Snowstorm
33rd Lefteye
33rd Pockets
33rd Superturtle22
33rd Mic
33rd saeted
33rd wabikishko
33rd Rath
33rd BanUniGames
33rd CrashTank
33rd C4nt1
33rd Faver
33rd Stairmaster
33rd Boop
33rd MC Baphomet
49th Reldnach
49th Mrboxturtle

Smash 4 Doubles
1st Sinnyboo242/Triple R($180)
2nd emergency/Bayless($90)
3rd D. Disciple/neomadgic($30)
4th cheeky/Player 2
5th s-luck/Icy
5th ODC | Count Gooby/ ODC | Ninjalens
7th Chexr/Coast
7th lefteye/slinky
9th Quan/Wavey
9th C4nt1/Rath
9th Deepak/G00DGUYMIKE
9th Cooler/Snap!
13th David Dragonflame/TrikeMan115
13th gublash/saeted
13th MrRobit/wabikishko

Thanks to everyone who came out to this tourney. We hope to make this tournament bigger and bigger as time goes on, so come join us in the smashing of the bros.
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Smash Apprentice
Nov 18, 2007
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Quite a strong Smash 4 field. I work every other Saturday and unfortunately the last couple of monthlies have fell on Saturdays when I work. I look forward to attending the February monthly though!


Smash Cadet
Nov 28, 2014
Yes if your taking about Michigan slayer. Do you know him?
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