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Guide Ultimate Fox Thread! (Guides on Fox)

Jun 27, 2005
the west
This thread is to hold all the "lesser" guides on Fox. Primarily because there are quite a few very helpful Fox threads, but having so many threads stickied is just bleh. Only reason I say "lesser", is because Cunning's guide is THE guide and anything like his will go in here, and anything not entirely covering Fox will go in here. Etc. Updates on any of these threads will be noted on in this thread as well. Now...in no particular order, here goes:

- NJ'zfinest - Fox Shine Guide

- InfernoOmni - Guide to Mastering Fox v4.5

- Dalal - Fox Movement Tricks; All Mindgames & Flashy Movements

- Silent Wolf - "Thunders' Combo"

- Silent Wolf - Fox Move Swap Guide

- scotu - Shield Pressure Research/Information

- Nigzel - Blaster Guide

- UmbreonMow - Fox Counter Character List

4 Aces

Smash Ace
Jun 23, 2007
I think some of these guides ought to be merged into the first post.

SHDL Data vs. Every Character - Frame data about SHDL. Made by Shai Hulud.

Platforms 101 - Platform techniques. Phanna made this guide.

Dash Platform Dropping - A New Advanced Tech - A technique Shai Hulud developed.

The last two aren't really Fox-exclusive, as they can be done with any other character. I just thought that they're useful to have in this thread. Not sure if the last two belong here...


Smash Lord
Jun 18, 2007
I think SSBM needs an honestly-updated wiki, because leaving the community in charge of the repository of info would lead to way better result than the current combination of a half-*****, long-neglected wiki & a forum with threads being stickied, often after the fact, by mods who vary from really awesome and in touch to merely executing the adherence to policy.
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