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Trumpmaker - Safer way trump/2-frame punish opponents


Smash Journeyman
Sep 18, 2014
Like a 50/50 you either hit them or trump them

Its trumping with a hitbox- safer than the typical "runoff sideb into the ledge for stage spike with active hitbox" (there should be a name for that technique)

First off- here are two easy ways to set this up as seen in the above video. I use an aerial side b to get to the ledge. Why is this safer? Because mac is above the ledge wall and since most up-b hitboxes send you up and away- you are not likely to get stage spiked yourself compared to the other side b technique.

(as you can see: mac is above the stage reducing your chances of getting stage spiked)

(now he snaps to the ledge- creating a trump. the last 3 frames of side b are able to hit opponents who snap- but if not then at least you get the trump)

(you thought you were the only one who could trump to bair? think again. At slightly lower percents like 50~60% - you can combo bair into [fastfall depending on their weight/DI] into side b for a suicide kill)

(even goes above marths sword hitbox most of the time. that thing sucks when trying to dsmash)

(actually getting the 2-frame punish)

(in this picture i do a trump to side b for the kill. please be aware of character trump heights however. some chars like sheik require a double jump then side b for extra height to connect consistently)

Found this to be very effective against recoveries that have hitboxes like DK Up B, Corrin Up B, Peach's Up B. Also good on moves like Fox side b- because mac's hitbox can extend to before they even snap (if timed right)

Please practice the timing on various characters. You yourself can get 2-framed against certain recoveries- but at least you won't get stage spiked.

Another plus to this is that it will hit them away- and they are unable to wall tech unlike the side b into ledge technique.


Smash Rookie
Jul 14, 2017
This is helpful with little mac. I also found out something similar with doctor mario and that he can run off stage and b reverse his up b toward the stage and grab the ledge with a hitbox.
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