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Tree Rex Barks into Battle


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
So a lot of people will take this seriously, and others will just think its a meme.

Some say that Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, or Dr. Neo Cortex should be put in to represent Skylanders in Smash, but this isn't at all good enough. Spyro and Cynder weren't originally Skylanders, and Crash and Cortex were Guest Characters.

Tree rex is one of the first Skylanders that many fans had, and its not often that you see a collection that doesn't include one. He is easily one of the most popular and well-known Skylanders by far.

Due to his insane popularity, he'd make a great fighter for Smash as upcoming DLC. This however, isn't the only reason he should be put in. Here are some more reasons for the inclusion of Tree Rex in Smash:

Reason 1: Bowser, DK, and Diddy Kong were all characters in Skylanders: SuperChargers, and activision didn't give Nintendo anything back.

Reason 2: Skylanders hasn't gotten much attention since its last game, but is still loved.

Reason 3: We need more Plant representation

I have a small need for more Amiibo/Skylander Combos like Bowser and DK, then their vehicles and all the dark versions of the items. A Tree Rex amiibo could function as a Skylander in the games whenever they start up again, and as a fighter in Smash. Obviously, the figure would release with a Smash base for the Smash edition, thwn re-release with a Skylanders Series Base when Skylanders continues.

While I do hope for Cortex, Spyro, and Crash to make it into Smash, I don't want any of them to be thw Skylanders reps. Its just not good enough.

I hope for this DLC to be available:
Fighter: Tree Rex
Song #: (multiple skylanders songs)
Stage: Skylanders Academy
Spirits: Knight Mare (Novice, Support), Kaos (Novice, Support)
Mii Costumes: Chompy Hat, Snap Shot Armor

Here is a moveset Idea:
Nuetral - Basic Punches
Nuetral Special - Leaf Laser Shot
(A single laser shot)
Up Special/Recovery - Ultra Uppercut
Side Special - Bark Beam
(Laser Beam blasts across the map, dealing small amounts of damage to opponents)
Down Special - Giant Slam
(Slams fist on ground)
Up Tilt - Uppercut
Down Tilt - Tree Sweep
(Swings hand, knocking back opponents)
Side Tilt - Bark Run
(Opens arms and runs to the end of the map)
Final Smash - Power of the Giants
(Summons the other Giants as they all jump up and slam down on the map, killing anyone in the way)

Oh! I almost forgot about Kirby's Hat and power! Kirby would absorb his Leaf Laser ability for his copycat power. Kirby would gain Bark Horns and get covered in Moss, and his arms would turn into mini versions of Tree Rex's Arms.

Color Swaps are as follows:
-Black and Blue (Gnarly Tree Rex)
-Purple and Bronze (Reference to Spyro the Dragon)
-Black and Silver (Dark Skylanders)
-Crystal Blue (Reference to Blue Bash)
-Green and Red (Reference to Bowser, who appeared in Skylanders 5)
-Black and Gold (Legendary Skylanders)
-Whiteish-Green (Reference to Glow-in-the-Dark Skylanders Figures)

What do you guys think? I really want this to happen, and I could definitely see it. Do you guys want Tree Rex in Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC?
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Smash Rookie
Nov 10, 2019
it could be cool. but i can't tell considering you didn't even post a moveset.


Smash Lord
Feb 24, 2020
Just saw this and it would be cool but it definitely isn’t happening. Crash, Spyro and even Tracer ot someone from CoD would be more profitable as Skylanders ended a while ago. Even then they’d most likely go with someone like Spyro or if he doesn’t count, Gill Grunt as they are faces of the original brand instead of being relegated to an expansion that released after. I don’t even think Tree Rex is the mascot of Giants. Long story short it isn’t happening but I’d love to see it. Just trying to keep my expectations in check
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