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Southwest Tourney Locator's Low Tier City 3 Returns! (August 1st Through 2nd)


Smash Rookie
Feb 19, 2015
Dallas, Texas

The signature event of the south returns! Low Tier City 3 will be held August 1st and 2nd at the Lets Play Gaming Expo!

You all remember the competition we brought last year - Mew2King, Sethlon, WestBallz, Neon, Wobbles, K9.

This year, expect even bigger.

We are going to be offering $1000 in pot bonuses for each game!

Where do you sign up? Right here.

Make sure you check out the new Tourney Locator website! Completely overhauled and looking gorgeous. Make sure you bookmark and check back regularly. All Tourney Locator events will be posted there!

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