Tournaments DK best stage choice?


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Oct 18, 2018
Hi !
I recently started to go on tournaments, and i've been wondering which stage benefits Donkey Kong ? And in contrary which stage handicap him ?
Don't randomly give a stage, explain in detail why that stage would benefit him or not, thanks a lot DK mates ! ☺☺


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Aug 12, 2005
El Carajo, Puerto Rico
DK has an ok recovery compared to the worse ones but that doesn't necessary means it is good.

So I try to go to big stages like PS and Kalos so l spend less time off stage, without top platforms because big bodies are easily sharked, juggled and DK has trouble landing.

Big stages also has shorter side borders so that helps to get easy kills with back throw.
Lipped stages like smashville and T&C are good to get cargo stage spikes under the edge.

With that said l always ban BF and FD. So l don't get sharked nor zoned.

Idk if we are still using wario ware in tournaments but what l don't like about that stage is that anybody can kill early, DK gets either edguarded or sharked after every neutral game he loses.
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