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Legality Tournament Environment Rule Request


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Jul 25, 2017
to TO's and smashfest hosts, i have an idea i would like to share for events:
when venues have upwards of like 5-6, 10, 20+ setups, and all setups run melee sound effect + music volume levels at 50%, it creates a lot of auditory clashing/noise pollution, like playing 10 songs at once, all the while (the music specifically) having no impact on game-play whatsoever. if every setup had just sound effects playing/music greatly reduced, it would make spectating and making conversations more comfortable and easy (you could also play music for everyone to hear from 1 source instead). its true some people will still prefer to listen to their own music through earbuds/headphones anyway, even if this was done, but as a spectator chillin within the venue it makes the environment more comfortable and worth staying in. my guess for this not already being a thing is most people just focus on competing and are indifferent to the noises of the venue, but i think the people spectating or just chilling in the venue might appreciate it, and i don't see any downside.
something i noticed and felt like sharing.

would love to see this as a regular standard procedure. it's not. it sometimes ensues a loudness war because some people cannot hear the set up they are on over the sound of all the other set ups. as well as not testing the level of sound based on character selecting and sound effects and instead off of how much background music comes through. which would make it even louder than necessary if they've turn the music down already.

i think it might be best if TO's and event hosts adjust all volumes accordingly before the tournament starts as a regular procedure, but it's going to likely take the majority of the active community to vouch for it to be put as a standard rule. as well as maybe announcing with the event that people are not allowed to tamper with volumes as they've been adjusted properly.


another thing that is kind of an aside but i think it would be great in a communal sense if people matured up to the extent of understanding the perspective of an opponent player being a challenger, hurdle, and at the same time respecting them as a person as one would with any other person in public. to not stray from decency and courtesy.
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