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Toon link bomb tech

Oct 31, 2018
I think you've got bombs mostly figured out. The only thing you didn't show was that bombs bounce off of shield, which can lead to some interesting stuff. Sometimes I get into situations where I have my opponent dealing with both a bomb coming down after a bounce and a returning boomerang, which makes people sit in shield for a long time. That's a perfect grab opportunity, but you can mix it up by grabbing the bomb with an aerial that will also hit the shield. It doesn't happen very often, since the bomb usually bounces at a diagonal, but it's worth noting. You did cover the grab and mixup parts of this, which are probably the more important bits, so good job.

Edit: I'm not sure this is even in the realm of what you were looking to discuss here, but bombs can also be used as a cover to make recovery safer. Just throwing upward when you're under the ledge or sideways to keep people apprehensive about edgeguarding can be helpful. I'm not sure how many people it actually works on, since I don't have good internet and I don't play online, but it's a thought.
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