Tips for not getting edge guarded?


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Feb 4, 2020
Any tips for not getting edge guarded as little mac? I constantly get easy killed due to little macs atrocious recovery, and my gsp is dropping fast.


May 3, 2019
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Recovering back to the ledge is one of Little Mac's biggest problems, so it's normal if you have issues. The only real options that Little Mac has is to recover towards ledge, or by low recovery. It's not really ideal to recover high with Little Mac, since he can easily be edgeguarded. If you know that your opponent tends to chase you offstage for the edgeguard situation, try not to burn your jump early out of hitstun, since having no double jump with Little Mac most of the time guarantees your death, although not always. Depending on your DI, if you are high in the air offstage, do not burn your double jump, since doing so will leave you in a bad position if you get edgeguarded again. If you're low but below ground level, you are forced to burn your jump.

If you know that they tend to stay in a certain area offstage, try to mixup your recovery by avoiding the area. If you constantly recover in the same exact fashion, it makes it really obvious and easy for your opponent to just gimp you. Also, try not to burn your side B when you are out of hitstun, since it places you in a bad position because up B has no vertical distance. If you save your jump, you can use it alongside side B to reach the ledge, although sometimes you can use the side B to get a reverse edgeguard offstage with a hard read.

Airdodging to reach the ledge can be useful when recovering low, but can be quite difficult to do if you're recovering high. It's another tool that Little Mac has to help his abysmal recovery, although you can use it to avoid attacks if you can predict when your opponents are going to attack. Not to forget that Little Mac has a decent wall jump that covers a decent amount of height as well, which can also help you if you need to recover low.
With his airdodge and wall jump, you can use a cool little trick to avoid a potentially fatal edgeguard situation near the ledge if your opponents are performing a low edgeguard:


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Nov 26, 2018
Ok, the two most important basic tips to recover with little mac is:
99% of the time, SIDE B First
SIDE B First does not mean side b immediately it just means to side b before jumping

other notes:
KO punch is about as much of a recovery tool as jeffery epstien killing himself, Dont ever use it to recover.
If you use nair and then immidiately up b you get a ever so slight boost foward, so use that as well
Counter can stall your fall so its good to use occasionally
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