This is how, when, and where Dabuz kills with Olimar

Dec 13, 2018
Hi folks. I recently spent some time studying how Dabuz kills with Olimar. I collected data from his Genesis 6 run and translated that data into some meaningful charts to understand how, when, and where Dabuz kills. If you're interested, here's the link:

I've actually done this before for MKleo, Nairo, and Zackray as well. Dabuz's data is quite different in some strange and interesting ways I did not expect. I think that just reflects the fact that Olimar is a unique fighter (with a unique playstyle). Anyhow, hope it's useful to the Olimar mains out there.

Edit: Because the data was so interesting (different than other pros/characters), I did the same study for Dabuz's data at Pound 2019. Numbers are very similar. Here it is:
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