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The Troupe Master, Grimm Puts On A Show!


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Sep 7, 2018
"Through Dream I Travel, At Lantern's Call To Consume The Flames Of A Kingdom's Fall"

Grimm, the leader of the Grimm Troupe in Hollow Knight's Grimm Troupe expansion, is one of the game's many challenging bosses
that battles using his fire-based magic in a variety of ways.​

A Few Moves/Taunts
Up-Taunt: Grimm turns towards the screen and bows.
Side-Taunt: Grimm spawns a Grimmchild and pets it quickly, before it flies back into his coat.
Down-Taunt: Grimm vanishes for a moment, before reappearing. Similar to Meta Knight's taunt.

Side-B: Grimm dashes forward, dealing average damage. However, if B is pressed during the animation, he will dash into the air, also dealing average damage.
At the peak of the air-dash, he will fire two fireballs on each side of him that move in an arc downwards

Standard-B: Grimm opens up his cape, firing up to 4 flaming bats out of it depending on the charge. They deal average damage and travel through
the air, having a similar range to Luigi's Standard-B.
Down-B: A counter. When Grimm is hit, he transforms into a horde of bats and appears above the opponent, only to slam the opponent into the ground.
Final Smash: Flamespawner - all foes that Grimm catches find themselves inside of Grimm's boss fight arena. They proceed to
be assaulted by Nightmare King Grimm's variation of the Flamespawner attack, where Grimm bloats up and proceeds to
emit hundreds of fireballs.

The Issues
While I believe that Grimm is an excellent choice for a playable fighter, I cannot deny that there are several issues that
will more than certainly count him out as a playable fighter.
1. He's from an Indie Game
2. He's not even the main character of his game.
3. He wasn't even in the game when it was first released.​
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Apr 20, 2021
Grimm would be awesome to see, but on the slim chance a Hollow Knight character gets in, it's not gonna be him. Still, I support regardless.
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