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The Toxic fem fatale Juri Han sweeps in

scarlet solsitce

Smash Apprentice
Sep 7, 2018
Ok this is one that might happen cause of popularity but I'm not holding my breath
Who is Juri Han
Juri was training in Tae Kwan Do as a teenager as her parents expected much of her.
Her father a prosecutor was targeting shadoloo and was killed, along with her mother she also lost her eye
years later she joins one of shadoloo's subdivision S.I.N where she's given her new augmented eye the Fung Shue engine
Move set
Unique attribute
The Fung Shue Engine
as stated Juri has powers in her left eye and with this, her move could have an enhanced mode this mode would also have a small cool down
Neutral B
Side B
Senpusha / Shisuken (can be done in the air)
Down B
Up B
a wholly unique move where she sweeps low creating an updraft of poisonous gas propelling her upward
FInal smash
Kaisen Dankairaku (from up close)
Furahren jin ( from afar)
Reason for inclusion
well shes extremely popular of all the street fighter characters besides classics like Makoto, Ibuki, Cammy white, Chun li, and heck Dan Hibiki are more prominent characters
in Streetfighter but Juri seems likely due popularity
Reasons against her inclusion
Everyone and I mean Everyone wants Dantae Phoenix Wright and I've seen Viewtiful Joe get love before Juri or Chunli for that matter.
Its fine nothing needs to be changed
Smash needs more fighting game ladies and Juri is definitely one of them
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