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The Start of a New BIT.TRIP: Commander Video for Smash! (Support Thread)


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Nov 1, 2018
Everything comes from something.
We were before we became. From life comes rhythm, and from rhythm comes life.
We are beings of information.
Everything is a conduit for learning.
We communicate in bits and bytes.
And we will return to something once we become nothing.
After our
B I T . T R I P is complete.

Who is Commander Video?
Commander Video (or CommanderVideo) is the main protagonist of the BIT.TRIP series, which is developed by Gaijin Games (Choice Provisions). Here are all the entries in the BIT.TRIP series:


In BIT.TRIP RUNNER, FATE, and RUNNER 2 & 3 Commander Video appears as a playable character, rather than only appearing during cutscenes and being absent during gameplay.

The BIT.TRIP series is a rhythm based one, although they might not be considered full on rhythm games. They just have characteristics of rhythm games mixed in with the gameplay. The BIT.TRIP games don't actually require you to perform actions in alignment with a rhythm or anything like that. They just know of the pace that the game is going at, so for example, the game's music goes with the actions that you are required to perform anyway. Most of the games have a chiptune like/inspired soundtrack, and they have some of my favorite soundtracks in all of gaming. The content of these games and their story revolve around Commander Video. It is about his story, one that may resemble the story of many, many others. The story is told throughout all the BIT.TRIP games (at least up until FLUX) and it is told metaphorically through the use of various cutscenes. BIT.TRIP fans have speculated on exactly what the story may be a metaphor for, but I won't get into it myself, and I'll leave you to look into it.

Why Should Commander Video be in Smash?
In my opinion, Commander Video would be the one of, if not the best candidate for indie representation in Smash Bros, and an incredibly fitting one at that. I believe that he would blend in well, and they could incorporate many aspects from many of his games into his moveset. Only going off the RUNNER games would be a little too restraining, so I believe it would be favorable for them to take the other games into consideration. Commander Video has been with Nintendo for a while now, having successful WiiWare games along with having installments on the Wii U and Switch. The more recent RUNNER games have brought BIT.TRIP into the third dimension, and have helped shine a brighter light on the series. On top of all this, Commander Video's inclusion may very well give Meat Boy some representation, considering that makes an appearance in a few BIT.TRIP games. If he can make it into Smash as a trophy, then maybe he can make it in as a fighter!

I know he's a bit obscure, but he is nonetheless my dream pick. I think he would make for a great and interesting fighter, what with his unique appearance, traits and attributes that he and his games hold. If you don't believe that he could have any moveset capabilities, you have probably only ever heard of the RUNNER games. He's been included into the fighting game Indie Pogo, and while it is a simpler game, they gave him a nice moveset. Commander Video is like the perfect counterpart to Shovel Knight. They both had great indie games that were heavily featured on Nintendo consoles, however, Commander Video has been around for much longer. Point is, the BIT.TRIP series is very special to me, and I think Commander Video is a detailed and unique character that would work great for Smash and would be an amazing indie rep.


(I haven't been able to find many other supporters, if you would like to inform me of your support, leave a reply!)

I'm not certain that this thread will get much traction, considering that Commander Video is receiving little popularity as it seems, but oh well. If you have any suggestions, edits that I should make, or anything else you would like to say, please leave a reply. This is the first thread that I've created on these forums, so feel free to inform me if I broke any rules so I can fix the issue promptly.

(Art Made by klunsgod on Deviant Art)
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Aug 5, 2015
I support and I'm following fraymakers. I'm going to main Commander video in Fraymakers with Fancy pants as my assist. I hope Fraymakers is a lot of fun. (I support btw.
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