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The Spiral Key to a world unknown has been found! Young Wizard(Wizard101) for Smash Brothers Thread!


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Out of all of my wants and most wants, I feel Wizard101 is the only game where a character could even have a chance, like ever. If you don't know what Wizard101 is(and I'm pretty sure most don't here), let you clue you in really quick.

Wizard101 is a family friendly MMORPG released on September 2, 2008, for PC, and recently for Steam. The game is a membership-based game with a $10 monthly fee, but unlike many other MMORPGS, the story is the main focus here, and the game feels much more akin to a AAA single player game than a multiplayer one, with tons of polish in areas where other MMO's struggle, like character development.(hence why I'm making this thread at all, why I feel the game is worth playing, and why I feel it's the best choice for a theoretical "MMORPG slot")
The game follows your journey across the Spiral(the universe of this game) starting from Wizard City and currently ending at a place called Empyrea, the last world of the third major story arc(with the 4th arc being in development as we speak) The character you play as is always referred to as "Young Wizard" so henceforth that will be his/her name, and what I'll refer to it as for simplicity's sake. Now what your character looks like is likely very very different from player to player, but if you insist, here's a small batch of characters to get an idea of the looks(granted a graphical update is in order but this will do)
From the start of the game you can pick from 7 different schools of Magic(Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Death, Myth, and Balance) allowing for alot of unique playstyles in the game itself. For Smash Brothers, though? It presents somewhat of a challenge. How exactly do you represent 7 different playstyles in one character? I have a few possible solutions.

A potential idea I had was having the moveset being the same overall, but the skin you pick slightly changes the color and slightly effects what each spell does, which could work. The obvious issue, of course, is that would require way too much weird jank coding to work. A more practical solution, I feel, could be a Monodo Arts-esque Neutral B which would allow you to switch what spells you're using on the fly, culminating in a very diverse moveset similar to Hero's(but without the RNG)

I'm not entirely certain on the actual moveset( and I don't think I'm up to the task tbh), but as for the Final Smash? Well, there's no way in hell it isn't the most cinematic thing to ever happen in Wizard101, you becoming a literal god and taking down a Titan at the end of Empyrea!
So, what do you think thus far? Interested? Overall I'm not putting much hope in this character(I seriously doubt Sakurai would ever even consider an MMORPG character despite that genre technically qualifying but having a severe amount of story/character-lacking games due to the nature of MMOs) but it's better than my precious card game characters in terms of raw chance, no? I'm open to any feedback you may have on my stupid ideas.
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