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The *NEW* DDD Directory Thread - Looking for Important Threads? Check this out!

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ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
The*NEW*DDD Directory And Resource Thread

With Serin gone and all of these new and important findings popping up I felt like we needed a new directory thread to make assessing all of our important information attainable with just a click. Below I will be posting threads and categorizing them as well as including a brief description.

Table of Contents

Section I: All Things Metagame

Section II: The Discussion Topics

Section III: The Video Section

Section I: All Things Metagame

Grand United Royal Guide of King Dedede - by Penguinpimp

Although a bit dated, this is our general guide for those needing to learn the absolute basics about our beloved penguin monarch. Information about all of moves, some matchup information as well as other general information. It's actually a combination of CO18's general guide, Vayseth's Chaingrab Guide and Buuman's guide. It's a lot to take in so you may want to grab a snack before sitting down and reading it all.

Vayseth's Chaingrab Guide - by Vayseth

Created a long time ago by an awesome DDD by the name of Vayseth. The ultimate guide for all things chaingrab related. If you are looking to maximize your Chaingrab and learn all of your options out of a Down Throw in general then this is the guide for you. A MUST READ for all DDDs beginning and veteran alike.

Back Air out of Down Throw - by God-Is-My-Rock

A recent discovery by GIMR. GIMR goes into detail about how we have the ability to use Back Air out of Down Smash on Snake. Testing on other characters is still in motion but it seems to have a lot of promise. And people say DDD's metagame is done...

Buffered Pivot Grab: A New Really Hard Infinite - by Budget Player Cadet

BPC introduces to us a new way to infinite chaingrab characters and allows us to infinite characters we can't using the normal means. However it is insanely diffcult to do. It's definitely worth a look though.

Chaingrab to Buffered Up-Smash -by SuSa

SuSa introduces a great new tool against certain characters. The title says it all. Just take a look and see all the hype. The Lucario matchup just got even gayer for them ;)

Frame Trap against Snake - by God-Is-My-Rock

GIMR introduces a neat frame trap we have against Snake and possibly other characters while he's on the ledge. Short and sweet. Definitely worth a look.

A Laundry List: How to Get Better with DDD - by Technical_Chase

A handy little guide by yours truly just giving a few specific pointers and things that all DDDs should work on. This is more oriented towards beginners but even more seasoned DDDs have walked away learning a few things. If you need a good foundation for getting better quickly, check out this "To-Do" list.

D3's Frame Data against Metaknight - by Blackknight99923

Let's face it: The Metaknight matchup is gay. But this thread can make it a bit less painful by enlightening you to which moves are safe on block against him. If you insist on learning the MU, then this is a must read.

Skid Canceled Shield Grab - by Technical_Chase

A new way to Chaingrab courtesy of God-Is-My-Rock. An enhanced version of the Shield Grab, it allows us to get more grabs off in a Chaingrab than ever before.rik Definitely worth a look.

Stepping Into The Future: The DDD Metagame Thread - by Technical_Chase

The new place to go to discuss things relating to DDD's metgame. Here we will be discussing specific topics and getting everyone's insight on it. Want to pick up a new tricks? Stop here and take place in the discussion!

The Official "I Need a Secondary Guide" - by Technical_Chase

Looking for a new secondary and just don't know where to start? Check out this guide! It gives you all the tools by showing going into full detail with descriptions and MU analysis. After you're done reading this, you should have a good starting point for what you you're looking for and need and who choose.

Inhale Release to Happy Ending - by Sensei Seibrik

An older, lesser known technique developed by Seibrik a long time ago but it still has its uses. Seibrik teaches us how to score an Up-Tilt from an Inhale Release. It score some early KOs when used correctly..plus its just hilarious.

How to Use DDD's Moveset to the Fullest - by Technical_Chase
A guide by me to help shed light on how to use DDD's moveset. It goes into detail about all of the applications of all of our moves; both commonly known and not so known. Beginner or not, you might walk away with a few new tricks.

Auto-Canceled Dairs: How to Use It and Where - by Technical_Chase
Yet another creation by me to show how to use autocanceled Down Airs effectively and all the places we can do it. There's even some sexy GIFs for visual representation.

Why Everyone Needs To Start CPing PS2 - by Technical_Chase
A brief but detailed synopsis by me, going into detail about what kind of cool gimmicks we can abuse on Pokemon Stadium 2. Its really underrated as far as a Counterpick and any D3s looking to find out why it might be good for us should definitely check this out!

Section II: The Discussion Topics

The *New* D3 Matchup Index Thread - by Technical_Chase

This is the new MU index thread for 2011 discussions. Its just get started so there's a lot to be covered but there are some in depth and current discussion on some prominent MUs. MK included!

The Official Matchup Thread - by Serin

Need information about a specific matchup? Check this thread out. It does a great job covering our matchups and most of the information still holds true in present day metagame. However we will be unveiling a new Matchup Thread soon once the Brawl Backroom chart is made public.

The DDD Question and Answer/Video Critique Thread - by Commander Beef

This is the place you want to go if you have questions. Also in the original post is a great mini guide Beef wrote up addressing Frequently Asked Questions. It's very informative! Be sure to read it before asking any questions. This thread also doubles as our video critique thread. We like to conserve space here ;)

Dedede Tactical Strategies - by Jupz

Having trouble with a specific move? Chances are you can get your answers here! From Mach Tornado to Wario's Bite, this discussion thread covers the more commonly abused moves in the current metagame.

The General and Social Discussion Thread - by Xivvi

This is our all purpose general discussion and social thread. We pretty much use this for everything lol. Get to know your fellow DDD players here or feel free to ask questions also. Everyone else pretty much does anyway ;)

King Dedede Doubles Discussion - by Supreme Dirt

Pretty straightforward here. Discuss doubles strategies and possible ideal partners here!

Section III: The Video Section

The NEW King Dedede Video Archive Thread - by Tmacc

The NEW source for all the videos of great DDD players. It's just been started so Tmacc is constantly updating it but it's gotten to an amazing start! Check it out and see the DDD greats in action here.

- I will continue to update this as we go but I just wanted to get this out now. This is the first step in my project to help reconstruct the DDD boards. We are long overdue for it. So stay tuned as you will see more threads being added to the original post. Thanks guys!

- TC

Updated: May 9th, 2011- Added "Skid Canceled Shield Grab", "Stepping Into the Future: The DDD Metagame Thread", "The Official "I Need a Secondary Guide", "Inhale Release to Happy Ending" and "King Dedede Doubles Discussion"

Updated: May 11th, 2011- Added "How to Use DDD's Moveset to the Fullest"

Updated: June 19th, 2011- Added "Auto Canceled Dairs: How to Use It and Where"

Updated: August 17th, 2011- Added "Why Everyone Needs To Start CPing PS2" and "The New D3 Matchup Index Thread
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