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The Mexican Melee Events Calendar 2.0

Discussion in 'News' started by LGpabs, Aug 16, 2017.

LGpabs, Aug 16, 2017 at 6:41 PM
  1. LGpabs

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    Writing Staff

    Feb 9, 2017
    Designed by @Mineralii

    After wrapping up Smash Factor 6, Mexico's biggest Smash Bros. event, the Mexican community has come together once again to update their events calendar for the remainder of the year, collecting information of all of the following events in 2017.

    Being an updated version, this calendar is the product of a community-wide effort to compile all of the big tournaments in the country in a single document. Its first version was released in February, with 12 dates gathered; now it holds up to 22 dates all across the Republic, with plenty of events to spare in the north, center and south regions. It incorporates tournaments that occurred in the first half of the year but weren't added on time –like The Salt Mines or GALAXY LG– plus new ones occurring in the second half.


    This new version was designed by Minerali, a Mexican player known for his Melee mods (creator of 20MX and plenty of custom skins) and graphic design skills. More so, the calendar's complemented by two supporting images: one displaying the geographic location of all the listed tournaments in a map of the country, and another one showing results for all the events so far, serving as an indication of who are the better players in each of the tournaments and across the board.

    With Smash Factor 6 having recently passed, the community now looks forward to a new wave of events in the second half of the year. Some events to look out for are Thunderstruck V, one of Mexico's main FGC tournaments and part of the Capcom Pro Tour, also offering Melee and Smash 4; Infinite II and The Hazard 2.0, two more events in the northern area, plus a new yet-unnamed tournament in Monterrey on November; and MELEERIS, the premier Melee event in Veracruz to wrap up the year, along with fellow December events ConComics and Desert Melee.


    Mexico's new and updated events calendar hopes to be a piece of reference for all Mexican players to be informed of the tournaments happening in their country, and serve as a guide of sorts to international players interested in attending events in Mexico, having a plethora of options all across the Republic from which to choose from, all with plenty of level in skill and cultural charm. The Mexican community is happy to welcome any and all visitors, and will look to make your stay a pleasant one filled with competition and excitement.

    For more updates on Mexico and its players, stay tuned to Smashboards.
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Discussion in 'News' started by LGpabs, Aug 16, 2017.

    1. Minerali
      Kitsune91 likes this.
    2. JuanLeOnardO
      It's a pity that very few states of the country has has Medium-size or bit huge Melee scenes; there's a lack of support of SSBM in this country due the high-level ignorance of Mexico. That's really sad.

      At least I think this is a beginning...
    3. FireEmblem27
      Hopefully the Smash scene in Mexico can grow. This is an amazing start for the community!!!!
    4. Kitsune91
      Welp..I'll be in MTY again during Thunderstruck. What are the chances. Hahaha. May have to check it out.
      Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
    5. JuanLeOnardO
      Smash scene (specifically Smash 4 in Mexico) are grown already; Melee scene are very few compared to Smash Wii U; Smash 4 in Mexico is so overrated... :/
      E-ST and R3D3MON like this.
    6. LGpabs
      Hey man! I'm the Smash TO for Thunderstruck so if you need any help hit me up! @pabloxmontero on Twitter
      Hope to see you there, would be great to have you!
    7. Kitsune91
      Sounds good, just gave you a follow. :D Looking forward to it!
      Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
    8. E-ST
      We need tournaments of ssbm in Tabasco or in the south 'cuz we only have one in merida, I'll be glad to organize one but I don't know if there's at least a little community in Tabasco

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