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The Mad Alchemist... - Plague Knight for Smash!


Smash Cadet
Dec 4, 2016
Now I want Shovel Knight, a ton. A ton a ton. But if we get him, I don't want him alone. I want him to come with a friend - Plague Knight! An alchemist who may not be good up close, but excels in running away, brewing the perfect concoction (Of bombs), and releasing devastation.

Plague Knight? Huh?
Plague Knight was (Spoilers and the sort) one of the 8 knights of the Order of No Quarter, ruled under the Enchantress. He was one of the bosses you could fight after you beat King Knight and Specter Knight, and he resides in the Potionarium. He even got his own free DLC campaign called Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, in which you play as Plague Knight and try to steal the essence of the other knights so you can brew an ultimate concoction to impress your partner and true love, Mona.

Attack Ideas
Plague Knight would focus on changing Powder, Fuses, and Cases to adapt to different situations to deal mass damage to foes, and running away is a key part of his moveset. His Up Special could be the Arcana known as Staff of Surging, in which it is a blatant send upwards attack. The neutral would be like Mega Man in which it isn't melee. Plague Knight throws a bomb, that is made of whatever you put together (Powder, Fuses, and Cases.) Nair would be like this, etc. His Side Tilt could be like Meta Knight where it can be used multiple times, and would be the Arcana known as Staff of Striking. Holding down any bomb throwing attacks allows you to charge a burst, which when unleashed causes an explosion which sends you up, which is good because of Plague Knight's pathetic double jump and up special. Unlike in the actual game, you can't switch Bursts. Only the default is available. Dashing could deal damage via the Arcana known as the Fleet Flask. This could help with Plague Knight's running away greatly. Perhaps the Arcana known as the Vat could appear, giving him a temporary explosive platform to stand on. The Bait Boom could also be fun, as it could dash in the direction you send it in, but probably too similar to the Mechakoopa.

Animation Ideas
Up Taunt has to be Plague Knight's victory dance, I just love it so much.
Down Taunt could be his other dance.
And side Taunt, he could poof up into a cloud of smoke as the more menacing Plague Knight, the poof back.
<-- This is Plague Knight's Boss Fight form
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Smash Hero
Jun 10, 2014
Somewhere Out There
Dr Mario just doesn't cure my itch for a medical fighter so combining bombs with the pest seems like a great idea in my book.

I just have no idea how he'd play, so a quick run-down of what he can do in-game would be good, doesn't need to be a full set.


Smash Lord
Jun 7, 2014
Your guess is as good as mine
Now this is a character from Shovel Knight I wouldn't mind seeing at all. He's got a good design and from what I'm getting from the OP he uses a variety of alchemy and explosives? That could work really well.

Velvet Rebirth

Smash Apprentice
Mar 11, 2018
*location pending*
This is a neat idea! Though personally, judging by how not even well recognized 3rd parties (Such as Sonic most notably) have yet to get a second character, I'd recommend putting your focus on Shovel Knight before we reach for higher ground.


Smash the State
Apr 22, 2010
His design is great. It makes me want to play Shovel Knight, unlike what's-his-name, the guy with the shovel.


Smash Ace
Aug 12, 2012
I'm in. Best character from SK for me; a ton of fun to play as, and a hilarious personality. I don't believe he'll get in, but I would definitely play him if he does.


Smash Journeyman
May 2, 2018
Never played it before. But, I'm planning on getting Shovel Knight for my Wii U. I support!

Deleted member

For the longest time I was hesitant to voice my support of Plague Knight because I support Shovel Knight too and Shoves is most certainly higher priority. But I'll go ahead and ask to be added to the Plague Knight support list after all. I just like the idea too much.


Smash Rookie
Sep 3, 2018
After playing through Plague of Shadows and beating this guy in the other campaigns, I can easily say I want this guy. We'll most likely have to wait for Shovel Knight, but I won't give up hope. It'll be a while, but all through this you can have my support. My favorite character never saw too much support, so I'm glad there's this community. I can imagine it will happen one day.
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