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The Jungle - Official Zarude Support Thread


Smash Ace
May 15, 2021
As we all know there's only 2 DLC characters left and E3 is right around the corner. The speculation is high and the community is completely in the dark with no leads or leaks to go off of...

But Zarude could be the one lurking in the darkness, unbeknownst to all. With Pokemon being so prevalent in and outside of Smash, a gen 8 pokemon is extremely likely, if not inevitable. Zarude is the new gen 8 Mythical Pokemon, so its heavily promoted in merch, giveaways, and even a movie. Its basically the latest gen's (jirachi, victini, manaphy etc.)

The Zarude movie (Secrets of the Jungle) already released in Japan last December, but the international release got delayed for obvious reasons. Perhaps Zarude's dlc inclusion in Smash was planned to coincide with the movie release for promotion but also got delayed...? It would make perfect sense to wait for the movie to officially release worldwide before revealing Zarude as playable.

The movie is slated to come out this year, and with the second season of Smash Ultimate dlc confirmed to be ending this year, Zarude could realistically be the last fighter to wrap things up (in vines.)

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Zarude was revealed to be playable at E3, or even afterwards. For all we know, they might reveal Zarude in Smash the same day they release an official international release date for the movie. (lmao they still haven't)

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